im a bit upset. my cat has needed blood panels done every two weeks and medication because he was having a thyroid problem and on going irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) hes slowly gotten better over the course of a few months but i decided to switch his food to see if it cleared up because i wanted to try anything i could. i switched to freeze dried food and his symptoms started going away. hes back to his spunky self and not using the cat box 10 times a day. this was very eye opening for me.

but what is upsetting me is  i didnt realize i was causing this in my pets because i was just feeding canned natural balance as a topper for baden but yoda, my cat, he was eating both the dry and wet.

baden would sometimes get random moments of an upset tummy so i stopped the canned food all together but with yoda i know male cats need wet food but i leave just a little dry out. the cans i were buying were loaded with potatoes and peas.....i guess from a stand point, i mean peas are good for us so why not? well cats are true carnivores and all these carbs and pea fiber was causing all his problems.

now that hes eating freeze dried raw meat like a carnivore should hes back to normal. 

i think i know well enough about pet food until i start digging and seen others have had this issue with their cats as well. i just feel bad it didnt dawn on me before :/ so natures logic for both their dry food needs, no potatoes or peas. and start using more freeze dried food as well.

has anyone had an experience something like this with natural balance or any pet food? 

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