Update 04/14/13:

The vet said yesterday that they won't have Interceptor anymore, just Sentinel.  Since we use spot-on for flea and tick control, I did not want to add another med to the mix so we are sticking with Tri-heart.

So does anyone have any more info on when Interceptor will be available again?  

I always used it year-round for the dogs and since last summer, it's been impossible to get due to some production issue or other.  We've been using Tri-Heart, and while I don't have a problem with it I'd really like to switch back.   

The vet didn't seem to know with certainty when Interceptor would be back.


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They don't seem to know either. Newest update I could find.

Thanks for finding that.   That doesn't sound promising.

I've been wanting to put Tom back on it as well since that was what we started him on as a pup. We're on heartguard plus now and both pups enjoy the chewable.

I thought I was the only one bummed with not having Interceptor.

We're ok because our dogs tolerate most things, but my sister's dog can't take tri heart because it has ivermectin and she's a collie-mix.   And my brother's dog can't take heartgard because something in the soft chew makes him sick.   So what if you have a collie who can't tolerate the soft chew?   

They are releasing it in the next 3-6 months. The production plant was shut down due to quality control issues with other medications they were making. Trace amounts of their controlled drugs were getting into some of the other medications they were making so they were shut down until they could get the issue sorted out. I have friends who are also techs who have talked to the reps directly and the 3 to 6 month date range is what they were told. My hospital will not be bringing back Interceptor so you may have a hard time getting it through your vet when it does come back on the market. We have switched to Heartgard and Trifexis for our two heartworm brands. 

For our collies and collie mixes we use Trifexis or Revolution/Advantage Multi. Generally the amount of Ivermectin in heartgard does not pose an issue in collies but much better to be safe than sorry. 

See update above.


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