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I am planning to go to Hong Kong next few months and planning to stay there for a month or two. However, I am not comfortable the idea that my 5 months old corgi stays in the states while Im out of the states. So I am planning to bring him with me. I wondered if anyone has flown with a corgi overseas. If so, what airline would you prefer. I recently have read lots of horrible news of how the cargo staffs treat the pets, and Im worried, especially this is gonna be an international flight. 

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I am going to Hong Kong to visit my family actually. I am such a sensitive mom that Im not comfortable to send him to my fd for a month. Or Maybe I just cancel the trip till he is getting bigger.

I know you don't want to leave a puppy for one month, none of us would, but you need to consider that the trip will be quite difficult for him ( two trips in a month) and he would be a lot safer if left here in good hands. I would look for a trusted friend who has a compatible dog and a well fenced yard, or someone who pet sits in their home and has good references, or possibly check with the breeder, if that's a good option.  The puppy will not forget you and will easily readjust when you return.  If you were going for six months to a year, it would be another story...  It will not be easy for you, but you will relax and be fine once you know he is in good hands, being loved and well cared for.  The month will go by quicker Just my two cents.  By the way, I have moved dogs across the ocean and back, but always because of a move. Enjoy your family visit. Best wishes, whatever decision seems right for you..

Our dog Bogart often boards when we travel. The place we like best has in-home suites (same building where the person lives/sleeps); he has his own flat screen TV, and best of all, 24 hr webcam that I can view on my phone. Expensive, but well worth it. People even bring dogs from other states, because they like it so much. It is called Atlanta Dog Works - you can google it for more info.

Is there any special paperwork you need to bring him back to USA with you?  That could be complicated too!


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