we have a bunch of training books and materials and i'm still planning on enrolling in training courses (obviously) and puppy obedience.

has anyone heard of http://www.corgisavvy.com/?  not sure if it would be worth it in the face in all the other books and things we have. plus there are plenty of sources on the internet as well.

just a thought...

obviously i'm in full-on corgi obsession mode 

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I hadn't heard of the site so I went to it.  Seems like just another resource out there among the myriad of stuff available.  You've got your classes coming up, probably lots of books already, and everyone on here to help you through.  The Nothing in Life is Free website, http://k9deb.com/nilif.htm , is especially helpful, I think.  I found that from some folks suggesting it on here.  It is free.

Sounds a bit overly-dramatic to me.  Personally I'd give it a pass.

I have it... it is just like a general dog training book only replacing "dog" word with "corgi"... I don't recommend anybody to get it...

Here's your answer, just another gimmick (save your money)




Hah, figures!

Though...anytime someone says savvy, I think pirates, and I bet a corgi would look cute with an eye patch or a fancy hat...


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