We just adopted this little guy from the local shelter (brighton, co). The shelter had him listed as a cardigan welsh corgi, he was a stray so there's not history on him other than they think he's about 2 year old. He has a short tail, but I'm not sure if it was docked or if he was born that way. Does anyone know if he's a cardi or pem?




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i'm sure everyone here knows more about it, but i'd look at his personality, once you get to know him. there's a marked difference between Pem's and Cardi's, as i'm sure everyone here can also attest. :) congrats on the new furbaby!
He looks like a beautiful sable Pembroke! He could have been undocked or his breeder docked him with a longer nub.
Definitely not a bulldog though, or a greyhound. ;-)
Thanks everyone! I guess it's unanimous, he's a Pembroke! The jury is still out on weather he's tri or sable though I guess. Now... to find a name.... Any suggestions?
He's a sable :)
As for a name, do you have favorite characters from literature or the movies?
My pems are named after Irish beers, my cat is a siamese and is named Geisha. Are there any particular countries/cultures you're interested in? Some of the most interesting dog names I've ever seen have been for corgis on this site. People are very original and creative!
I still think someone should go with the name Agamemnon. It's bound to be original. It's a solid name too! ;-)
The Agamemnon of Greek myth did not have a happy ending... I suspect that might be why we haven't got one on the site yet.
A very handsome Pembroke!!
He looks like a sweet little lover capable of making any human accidentally drop treats at the whim of those puppy eyes ;)

ahem.. I mean pem.. he looks like a pem!
What a great looking corgi! So happy to hear he found a home! Congrats on your newest addition. I'm sure he'll be a lot of fun. Corgis are just fun-loving little clowns.
What a cutie! I'd like to adopt a Pem in the future. I adopted a Cardi mix and I adore both breeds.
You can compare yours to mine and in comparison I think your will see that yours is a Pem for certain.
Cardis look like a fox sometimes and they are taller. Mine has a cute long tail.

Ever since I adopted Tipper, I am noticing that there seems to be a lot more Pems around. Is it because they are more popular? A lot of people think that Tipper is Husky or a Fox Terrier because they don't see the Cardigan breed as much.
I heard that purebred Cardigans are not easy to find. Is that true? Anyway, I think that Corgis are a fantastic breed and I love their comical playful natures. They are the best!


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