Is nose poking a Corgi trait or just a silly Leo thing?

Leo has always used his nose to get my attention and when the pups were here he poked them too. If he does not get attention right away he continues poking until he gets what he wants. Do all Corgis tend to do this? I have never been around another dog that does this with so much purpose and so consistantly.

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All dogs i have ever owned do this... I have had many dogs. They are all awesome. Corgis do it more than others i think, but... oh well. I love them...
Boomer pokes her nose at the cats. She's poked them right off the bed or the couch before too!
Shippo nose-pokes. He loves to touch my bare arm or leg with his gross wet nose! ACK!
Two of my three corgis are "nose-pokers." In our case it is both of our females. It's hilarious to pretend we're ignoring them and see how insistent they can get with that cold, wet nose!
My newest Corgi, Randy, is a nose poker too, so I guess it is a Corgi thing. He might have just learned it from his big brother though, as he is a professional nose poker.
mine is a nose poker, mostly when he wants attnetion/scratches.
Oliver pokes my leg when he has to go potty (something I've finally figured out, and has made life SOOO much easier). He also will poke my lips when he's in bed to get my attention. I think it started when grandma kept asking for kisses, then would scratch his tummy, because now he will poke me in the face then roll over and look at me. Since he was taught the come command to come and touch my hand, he does it alot. He made this new game where he hides behind me, I ask 'where's Oliver?' and he touches the back of my leg. He also pokes my belly every morning with his nose to play with the baby... It so cute!!
Charlie pokes me gently to let me know he is there if he left the room for a moment and returned. He also pokes me in the back of my calves (sometimes with a wee knip) when I am walking, especially if he is in a playful mood or he wants something.
Nutmeg pokes me when she wants to be picked up to go on the couch. She's not allowed up there alone. She has recently been poking my calf when we are outside playing in the yard.
Oh yeah Sidney pokes often to get our attention. The mixed breeds in our home only do it if they don't want us to stop petting them, but Sidney will do it for many reasons. I think it's the herder in them, and thankfully a gentler way to get our attention than nipping. I think it shows how smart and considerate Leo is ;)


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