Hi, I'm brand new here. I just recently adopted Gemmi from a rescue and am trying to figure out if she's a mix (and what she may be mixed with).

She has the short, slightly bowed legs and longer body. Her ears bend over at the top. She is really soft and fluffy around her neck area, but the lighter fur underneath her is coarser? Also she has a tail that curls up over her back like a chow or Shiba Inu.

This is my first post, so I'm going to try and attach photos of her...

Any information would be appreciated! Thank you!

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She looks almost like a corgi/chow mix to me!
She is grogeous and I would agree with the Chow mix comment. Although she looks a little like a short legged lion bless her.
She is so cute---I believe I see some corgi in her. Yet, I see some chow too or Shiba Inu too. You can always get one of those genetic tests they sell at PetSmart if you really want to find out.
Looks like a Chorgi......(chow/corgi) to me. I have one, and love her to death. Mine looks like a sable corgi, with a chow face.

What personality does she have ? The loofness and guarding of a chow, or the corgi personality? Mine has the personality of the chow more than corgi. She is a very protective watch dog, yet a friendly like a corgi when she gets to know you.
She definitely has the Corgi personality. She's just funny and so darn cute. I must fall in love with her all over again about 30 times a day.

I've heard of the genetic testing, but I didn't realize Petsmart sold them! I'll have to check it out.

Thank you for the responses... I was trying to figure out how big she'd get. I guess I'll know when she gets there!
here is a link to the genetic testing kit at Petsmart:

She's very cute. Any idea how old she is? Does she have a purple tongue (that can be a chow trait)?
She's approximately 17 weeks old. There's no purple on the tongue at all.
Yep, I'm thinking corgi/chow,, too.
no way, I bet its a shiba inu/corgi mix ^_^ Chows are so big, but Shiba Inu are tiny, and the lack of a purple tongue is also very telling. her face is such a corgi face, just with that mane! how funny and cute!
Yes, I was going to say the same thing about the purple tongue! But it's been state twice. So...She is the cutest puppy! I love the fluffy head...only time will tell what her fur will look like.
i was thinking chow as well, check her tongue. is blue in any areas? even a tiny bit? and yes yu can get the genetic testing kit.. some cost up to $200 but some people say its very worth it and very fun to figure out what mix your dog is.. sometimes there might even be 3-4 breeds there!


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