Hi, I'm brand new here. I just recently adopted Gemmi from a rescue and am trying to figure out if she's a mix (and what she may be mixed with).

She has the short, slightly bowed legs and longer body. Her ears bend over at the top. She is really soft and fluffy around her neck area, but the lighter fur underneath her is coarser? Also she has a tail that curls up over her back like a chow or Shiba Inu.

This is my first post, so I'm going to try and attach photos of her...

Any information would be appreciated! Thank you!

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I think I may just get a shibu ina next time, they look cute.
She is a cutie! When we got Bear we were told that he was a Corgi/Chow mix (because of the purple on his tongue) but I don't know. Bear is only a 30 pounder and that seems a bit small for a chow but about right for a corgi. Your Gemmi looks more like what I would expect from a Corgi/Chow mix. One of my Corgi friends said that her baby was a Corgi/Chow mix but I will have to look and find her name as I have not heard from her in some time. But I know that she joined the Mixed Corgi Group.
haha there's a billboard right next to riverside hospital in columbus with a woman holding a shiba inu
She is too cute! She looks to be Corgi/Chow mix. I've had a Chow and there are definitely Chow features in her face. I definitely see both in her! My Oreo is a Cardi/Shiba Inu mix and he has a lot of the Shiba Inu look to him their heads are smaller and more narrow and they don't have fluffy coats like a Chow. And Gemmis little mane definitely looks Chow. Love her look! I could be completely wrong though...lol. It's been known to happen once or twice...lol. Check out my pics of Oreo and compare.
Thanks for all of the responses!

I noticed yesterday one of her ears is starting to straighten up. Part of me is sad because she's so darn cute with those ears. She's pretty cute with ears that stand up too, though!

I took her to the vet for her sneezing. She has Kennel Cough and Coccidia. We must have caught the Coccidia in time because there's no diarrhea or anything (thankfully). Hopefully she'll be healthy again soon!
Gemmi looks very similar to our corgi/chow/german shepherd, Shiner. Their body types are identical! Not sure our Shiner has a lot of shepherd, besides his tail.
I think she could be a corgi shiba mix.
I'd say maybe corgi and chow? She has kind of a chowesque face. Super cute!
So adorable! She looks like either a chow/ shiba inu and maybe a corgi or dachshund mix to me!
Yep, I'm seeing chow/corgi too. Cute little buggar, too!
I would say shibu inu.. i found a photo on the web that looks very similar. Chow's tend to be more fuffy, and a more of a bear type of look.

Is there any personality traits that could be over another breed, or does she show all corgi's traits.

However I would say he he is corgi and an adorable one at that.
she is so cute!! A little lion-like corgi. I would just love her and not worry about the mix,


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