Do other Corgi owners feel the need to go to great extremes to assure their Corgi is super happy? I am beginning to wonder if I am becoming one of those excentric old I am making my bed this morning and adding Sir Tharros' three extra comforters so he can see out the window, nap in comfort with his little chin on a soft window sill covered with a small pillow...I say to myself "self-what exactly ARE you doing?" But there is something about this little dog that seems to not only have stolen my heart but my common sense, as well. I have had dogs all my life but I have never been so infatuated, in love and obsessed!
Is this a first time Corgi owner reaction?
Anyone willing to share if you do special things for your Corgi that some might label "extreme"?

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You did what all of us do. Keep doing it and keep your baby super happy.
I will tell you that since we brought home the puppy, we have been working hard to shore up Twinkie's self-esteem. I have been getting her on the treadmill everyday to make sure she gets into a calm stat of mind. The other night I made a big show out grooming her and making sure everyone told her how gorgeous she is. Is that excessive? They don't ask for much in return for all of the joy they give so why not?
Corgi mind-control.  Don't blame yourself; it's beyond your control.   I think there may be support groups out there!  lol
I think the correct statement is that my corgi's go out of their way to make sure I make sure they are happy.
Well, not sure if this is "extreme" or not, but before the human baby was born, we bought a secondhand nursery glider so I could nurse him.  It took about two weeks for that to become Rusty's chair.  The baby is ten months now and I think I've used it two dozen times at most, and when people come over and sit in the chair, we tell them "if you sit there, Rusty will crowd in with you-that's his chair!".  People think we're nuts.
When we take Brody for a walk and he sees someone he always wants to meet them, well, they don't always want to meet him (don't understand that) but anyway, DH didn't want him to have his feelings hurt by feeling rejected, so we started telling him "they're busy" then he knows we keep on walking. 
I say the same thing to Noodles if someone doesn't want to say "hi" to him and then I kiss the top of his head to make sure he knows I love him. I don't know how you could resist that face, but some people can. Even my sister, who isn't a dog person, will rub Noodles belly and gets a chuckle out of different things Noodles does.
Cold hearted corgi haters lol I haven't met many people who didn't stop me and ask to say hi to the corgi crew, especially when we still had Spike and Jet. Buddha seems to make a point in making friends everywhere any Maddie likes to pee on their floors.
And um Buddha owns numerous collars of different color and leather, one being a Harley-Davidson collar (and no I don't ride but its cute on him) a truck which he thinks is his and every one of my ball caps ends up his... He has a basket of toys

OMG that is what I tell my girls too.  Isn't it funny how they go, "Oh, ok then don't want to bother him, let's move on." 

I tell everyone my dog is the town greeter. He so wants to say hi to Everybody - especially children! He can sense the "stuck-up" ones pretty quick; when they don't gush over his cute wiggles, he moves on.

Nah, that's not extreme.  Having two office chairs in the home office, with the larger one occupied only by a corgi butt, now*that* is a little nuts.  ;)  Corgis have got this mind control thing down pat.  


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