Frosty can go, go, go with the best of them, but geez, I think he might just be the laziest dog I have ever owned!!  He will be 2 in a couple weeks and he just sleeps ALL the time lol!  Literally, as soon as I stop moving, he is asleep in about 30 seconds.  He is completely healthy, in good shape, not overweight, gets lots of exercise, but still sleeps like 22 hours a day.  He used to at least play with his toys for awhile if we were busy and couldn't play with him, but now, he just sleeps.  All of the pictures I get of him anymore are of him sleeping!!  lol!!  Is your corgi a lazy sleeping couch potato too??

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I wish mine were couch lizards! With the 1/2 Dozen who are almost 14 weeks old, there's never a quiet moment at my house. Sort of.....

This would be Moose in his favorite resting position-on a human.

The oldie moldie Fred with napping in his favorite position--feet waving at the ceiling!

At least you are down to 1/2 dozen from the full dozen! lol! Craziness should be cut down at least a little bit!
Love the upside-down photo; looks like he partied too hard the night before. :)

My two cardis are still young, and I wouldn't call them couch potatoes, but neither are they energizer bunnies. They'll play hard in bursts, but love to get in several good snoozes during the day. When we were deciding which Corgi breed would best suit our family and lifestyle (we're generally schleps), we knew we needed to go with the more laid back (as a rule - because I know some very energetic Cardis) Cardigans. Of my two boys, Jon is the more laid back and if not for Dewi constantly at his side, he'd probably sleep a lot more than he already does. He is not an independent toy-play-with-er. (You might have seen that he likes to eat lying down. Guess that makes him a bowl potato.)

A puppy or adolescent might be just the thing to get Frosty off the couch. :) BTW - I have two Cardis and three looney cats in my house. Never a dull moment.
Oh I have one even better! This is Moose, again, and seems he's had a few too many.

In all honesty, he's being picked on by humans who had a few too many around a campfire after a hard day of showing at the National Specialty two years ago. He can go go go with the best but when it comes to sucking up the attention, he'll put up with anything.
Poor Moose; bad humans! ;)
Murphy is sleeper bug too. He has his fair share of playfulness, but we usually find him sleeping somewhere around the house, whether it be our bed, the couch, the recliner, the floor, his bed or the window seat. I think getting Murph a playmate would really help him out and make him more energized. When we take him to play with my dad's dogs or our friend's dog he will play and play and play and only take small breaks in between. I know that he gets a really good workout, much better than when we take him for a walk or when we play with him. Sometimes I think Murphy doesn't get the kind of exercise he deserves because he sleeps a lot. Its almost like he's still a puppy, but without all of the mischief and house training. I think it depends on their personalities. :o)
I think most of the time it's about each dog's personality. I do love the cardigans(and I've had pems) because when it's down time, it's seriously down time. They are a lot like my husband, who can sleep in any position at any time. But wake up instantly and say let's go!
Fred is the oldie moldie at 9 1/2. After a recent incident that resulted in being put on anti-inflamatories for 5 days, you would think he'd found the fountain of youth. He's bouncing all over the place, jumping in chairs and racing the youngsters for the treat filled kongs. That still hasn't changed the fact that when I leave for work each morning that I walk by my spot on the bed and have to scratch his tummy-he's already unmade the bed, rearranged the covers and is happily waving his feet at the ceiling with his head on my pillow-snoring.
Noodles is a couch potato. It seems like he sleeps all day long, but then again, we are at work. On Saturday's and Sunday's or if we are home any other day and he doesn't get at least 1 good long nap, he will be so tired by that evening. He is a very laid back kind of guy and just goes with the flow. The key is, if I'm moving, he will be up and moving. If I sit down, then he will finally rest. He has to make sure mom doesn't sneak out of the house or something like that (smile). Right now, he keeps bringing me his squeaky hedgehog for me to throw so he can go and chase after it. I best get back to him...
Loki spends the day with me and BOY! Am I boring. He sleeps all day. He just gets up to move so he can stay close to me. If it is working out or reading or playing on the computer. Then he goes back to sleep. I think he high light if the day is when I clean the house. Then when the children come home he is ready to PLAY! 
I have one who is very low energy, sleeps a lot and would probably be happier as an only dog. However, the other 2 are crazy boys and very, very active. It's pretty interesting to see the differences in pesonality and enegy level. Luckily, the two high energy guys have each other and the slower guy (who is the alpha dog, by the way) gets to sleep on the couch a LOT.

TOday we went for an hour walk and they all slept for a while but now the 2 younger guys are frapping all around the house, sliding on the tile floors and wrestling with the calico cat. #1 dog is still sleeping!
They like to have a friend. My first one Belle played with the bassets some but when we got Winnie all that changed. Its all out or asleep, paws to the sky. They play hard with lots of running. Belle hides and when Winnie comes running by Belle attacks her both inside and out. I have owned a couple dozen different breed dogs, but these Pembroke's are the best ever !!


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