Is your corgi loose, crated or seat-belted when driving in your car?

The corgi car discussion made me wonder how all the corgi lovers drive around with their corgis in the car? Do you leave them loose riding shotgun or with the kids in the back, placed in a doggie seat belt apparatus, or in a crate? I drive a Honda Accord and mostly Lilly is loose(leash on) with my girls in the back seat. She also loves to put her front feet on the center console and look out the windowshield. Occasionally she curls up in the passenger seat. She is never allowed on me when I drive. Sometimes I feel like that is being a bad mom and I'm thinking about setting up a seat belt thing. What do all of you do?

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We have three dogs that we drive to hikes or to the dog park. The big one (Chester) rides in the back cargo area. The corig mix rides in the backseat with a kid or two, and Sidney likes to ride in front on the passenger's lap. They all wear their leashes while in the car. If I ever took a long drive I would put Sidney in a travel crate, but we have not had the opportunity to take a long car ride with him yet.

I know this is not the safe way to go, but I just don't have enough room (available seat belts) in the car to buckle up kids and dogs, and my kids take precedence.
Great thread! Most of the time my wife and I occupy the front seats, they never get to ride shotgun with either one of us :( When we're in Canada, the dogs ride in the matrix hatch, we put a grippy bath mat in that area so that they can get more "traction". When we're in Florida, they roam freely in the Sienna, we never allow them in the front seats. There are times we use a wire crate or a pop up crate for safety, we do a lot of video and camera shoots, with all that gear and our luggage, it's important that they have a safe place and not get crush by all those equipment. I have contemplated about seat-belts before, but I think their corgi-spidy sense may be better if roam free? In case of a car fire and submersion? I still wonder if i've made a good decision...
I use this seat belt for Caleb:

Caleb is 25 pounds, and even though it says for 10lbs and up, it obviously wasn't designed for a corgi. The straps constantly work themselves loose, but I haven't found anything better yet. I drive a truck, so I just turn off the passenger airbag and strap him in next to me and it works well enough.
okay this is so bad but winston sits on my lap when i drive. i know right!!! i want to get him a seat belt for the car though. if he's not on my lap he usually is on the passenger seat but he likes to look out the window and he's too short (my car is a hyundai accent 2-door though, no idea how he can't see out the window!! haha)... bleh. my mom always hates when i pull up with him on my lap.
Gibson sits on my lap on short trips... it doesn't start out that way, but he always gets pushy and climbs on top of me as soon as I start driving anywhere! On long trips he gets crated now because he tries to get on my lap when I'm on the interstate!!
Seanna rides in my lap too. Sigh. I know it's a horrible thing to do. If we get in a wreck the airbag would kill her. I really need to stop--but I can't stand her whining when she's in the back....
My car is a Hyundai accent 2-door as well. I put Birdie in her crate on the passenger seat and when she looks over at me, she can see the trees passing by. That, plus my knowledge that she will be safe in case of an accident, is is most comfortable.
No more lap riding!
Both of our dogs ride in seatbelts. Mostly to keep them off your lap when you are driving. A few months ago, I let Pan sit in the passenger seat with no seat belt. She was actually just sitting there, so I left her. Then a lady cut me off and I had to slam on the brakes. I put my arm out to catch Pan, but she still hit her head on the dash. Stupid lady; it still makes me mad. After that I will never let my dogs loose in the car. I want to get crates for them, but our car is too small. When we get a larger car, I am buying crates!
Yikes!! I don't drive so when me and my boyfriend take car trips Lola sits on my lap in the front seat. When this car cut us off and he had to slam on the breaks I was glad I was paying attention and holding onto her, if not she would have bumped her head also! Benji gets crated in the back seat, but there's not room for 2 crates, and Lola will not ride in the car, unless I hold her .... I accidentally spoiled her =(
I have an Acura MDX and Cobi is in his crate in the back. He actually never seemed comfortable loose in the car and likes being in the crate better. I don't think he really likes the car to begin with.
I have a Subaru outback, and the kids ride in the back seat. They are with me every time I go out, except if it's too hot out. I got a back seat cover from Drs. Foster and Smith that actually acts as a hammock -- it hooks over the front and back seat headrests ( That way if I have to stop short, they don't slide off into the crevasse between the seats. Bertie like to sit directly behind me (the drool stains on the door have totally discolored the leather ;-) and Ethel likes to stand with her feet on the front console so she can see out the window (and give me directions). But I also cut little holes in the seat cover so that I could put them in harnesses that click into the seatbelts. We've had a couple of close calls, and people around here tailgate like nobody's business, so I feel so much safer when they're strapped in.
I drive an Accord also, and Dax usually rides shotgun with me, leash on but not attached to anything. He knows he's not allowed on my side of the car so he usually goes from the door to the console to the windshield and back again just looking out the windows. I've thought about putting him in the back seat to see how he reacts, but I haven't tried it yet. If my boyfriend is in the car with me he'll ride in his lap in the front seat. He generally does pretty good that way, he would bark and jump and howl and cry if I ever tried crating him in the car, I'd have to go with something like a doggy seatbelt if I were to try to contain him in any way, but as of right now he just rides shotgun.


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