Here's what happened & the vet wasn't unable to figure it out & gave me no ideas at all.

Juno attended his first puppy socialization....random dogs that we didn't know. He played for about half an hour or so...then this dog who had been playing it rough the whole time & had a bunch of time-outs ran and kinda jumped on/over(like a fall?) Juno by his neck area and then he went from standing to laying down and not moving. His eyes were not responding to movement, he didn't sniff or want a treat that was put in front of his nose and his head was kinda facing down but not laying down. about 30secs later, his tongue started to fall out towards the left....he was breathing slowly but i think he was having difficulty. He was then picked up and brought out to the store front away from the play area in the back(like a yard) and his tongue then hung out a tad bit more(tongue wasn't out like usual, it was like a falling out hanging). but about 5-6min or so, we waved our hand and he started to come back and followed movement and took in a treat then he was fine...but still very tried from running and playing for 30mins. Before taking him to the vet, i gave him water which he took in...a lot

Took him to the emergency vet(lasted 2.5hrs). They said they checked everything and he seems fine. They did a chest xray which came out fine, blood work was fine and checked his blood glucose level..everything was fine. the vet said "it's hard to tell" when i asked it was a seizure. she pretty much didn't tell me anything! i asked her what to do next time if it happens she said "record it" >.< He came home....he still rang his potty bell upon request but he just sat on his pee pad...when he heard his food & saw it...he seemed all energetic again..but after he was tired again. tried potty and aagain sat on his pee pad then walked off to pee on the concrete.

This was very scary & i don't know what happened. This dog was trying to play with him for a while and they did play but this dog was a rough playing dog. after Juno 'came back' he just seemed tired but i think he still knew who i was? Not sure what it would be great to get everyones insight. Shock maybe? don't know. the thing that's tricky was that his tongue was hanging 1/4 of it then when he was picked up it became half.

I'm going to bring him to his schedule puppy class tomorrow(not the same place or trainer! thank god!)he will just be there to stictly train so he will not get a chance to socialize/play even though I really want to see how he'd react again. the vet told me to rest him for off leash playing. I'm scared this will remain in his head as a bad memory....i mean i know I have that in my head right now..i'm hesitant to bring him to another puppy social! =(

by the way, Juno is 13.5wks old. Not on meds or anything. could it have been from exertion...too much exercise? dehydration?

Juno's official xray report came back...everything looks good except there may be a possibility of i'm looking out for coughing. I've heard 1-2coughs lately so i'll keep a check on that. Anything else I should look for? As for exactly what happened...that still remains a mystery.=/
Juno attended his regular puppy class last night and he seemed fine...except still tired. He still sniffed the other pups and was interested so he did great. He chose not to play as much though through hiding under a chair. However this one pup kept coming after him under the chair and he didn't run...they just played under there and i made sure i supervised and removed him after a min or so. His trainer was pretty mad at what happened and is looking to contact the place that ran the puppy social as she has her connections. But she was real nice and accomadating....warned all puppies in class that it must be gentle play and didn't allow the bigger pup around Juno & suggested a different place for puppy socials. Juno finished training off very tired.... :) I was also ready to pass out from the whole ordeal and being restless...

Today, it looks like Juno's energy is slowly coming back...more energetic & whiny than yesterday...starting to get back to normal! sneaks out of his play pen once i open it to run for food. :) I will be taking him to a different puppy social tomorrow, I have my fingers crossed that he will do okay and choose to play since his energy is slowly coming back. My trainer asked for me to tell the puppy social place that I know her and make a special request for him to be w/ small dogs. We'll see how that goes. I'll keep this posted

Thanks for everyones care, advice, & understanding in this ordeal...def. helps a newb like myself!

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If it was a seizure, then being tired is a normal after effect.  My oldest child started having seizures when she was 6 months old and not all seizures are grand mal (uncontrolled movements, muscles tensing, etc.)  My daughter would simply go completely limp and unresponsive, her eyes usually drifting to one side or another and remaining unfocused, for a period of time (usually for 1-2 minutes, though sometimes up to 10 minutes) and then come out of it on her own.  This was always followed by a period of grogginess that ended in a nap.

The best thing I can recommend is to follow the veterinarian's instructions.  Since there is no solid indication of what happened, rest is definitely best.  If there's an injury that was missed then it could become agitated through too much activity.  If it were me, I probably wouldn't even take him to the training.  I tend to err on the side of caution, though, so that would simply be my own preference.

I hope he feels better.  :(  Try to learn from the experience, but don't let it ruin any future experiences you may have at other social gatherings.  Juno will feed off of your energy, so if you get really nervous or fearful around a group of dogs, then he will most likely do the same.

Hi Juno's mom, it was not Seizure or trauma, it was dehydration.

the people around to help actullay checked for dehydration by pulling his skin to see if it'd bounced back? and it did? =/

It is very possible that it was a seizure. With seizures when all bloodwork, x-rays, and diagnostics are performed you get no answers, thats why it is so hard to tell unless the vet actually sees it happen. That's where the "record it" comes in. So he/she can actually see what happened. Many dogs have seizures like this in which they just become completely unresponsive. If he was dehydrated to the point of unresponsiveness his eyes and mucuous membranes would be tacky, his skin would tent, and the vet would be able to tell right away. Just drinking some water would not be enough to rehydrate at this point, he would need IV fluids if he passed out from dehydration. I would keep a close eye on him and monitor for more activity like this. Dogs with seizure disorders often have an event that brings on a seizure (like the dog knocking him in the head/neck). Sometimes just a hard knock can cause a seizure in a dog and you will never see it again. Keep an eye on this and keep a record if its occurance that way if it happens a couple of times you will have a record of when, what happened before, how he acted, and how long it lasted. My friends dog who is 3 just had a seizure at the dog park, she was running and playing, then just laid down and became unresponsive for about 3 minutes with very mild twitching, then after a few minutes got up and was just really groggy. Never happened before and hasn't happened since, who knows what caused it but it was definitely a seizure.

I would suspect a seizure.  In dogs that are prone to seizures, stress can be a contributing trigger.  I agree with Jen and would skip the puppy class this week, giving him a chance to forget the experience.  Puppies should only play with same size puppies, or larger breed pups that are gentle.  Under no circumstance would I allow any pup to be bullied or played rough with while interacting with  another dog.  This is not socialization, it's bad training practice.  That said, I've never seen or heard of a pup react as you describe in that kind of situation.  You did very well to have him thoroughly checked.   Make sure you are feeding a natural diet without preservatives.  I had a friend with a young Pug puppy that had a couple of seizures, she changed diet and the seizures stopped.  The dog is now 3 or 4 yrs. old.  Other people have had similar experiences related to food and it is one factor that is easy to control.

I will keep an eye out. Hopefully just a one time thing. Yeah, he actually may have been stressed because this dog was all over him and he had already been playing for 30min so i was able to tell he was already tired. I serve him brown rice & chicken blue buffalo(puppy)...i think they're preservative free?

I hope everything OK with Juno.

Even though I have no idea what's going on and people have given a lot helpful suggestions, I just want to say that you need to be careful with the dogs (especially strange ones...)Juno plays with at this age. You could invite your friend with good behavior dogs (good behavior one pls...) over, or visit them, take Juno to Pet Store where the dog is on-leash (under control) and always ask the owners whether their dogs are good with puppy (since puppy is very hyper, some adult dogs may not like that). It might sound like bitchy sometimes, but you want the best for your dog.

I am not sure whether the dog park will be a good idea at this point. One bad experience might be with them for the rest of their lives (but some might take over it...). I understand you want to socialize him and that's very good, but you also want to make sure the early socialization are ALL positive --- So make sure you supervise, supervise and supervise.

Just my opinion......

awesome. Thank you. Yeah i'm going to bring him to class tonight and see how he does w/ the other puppys. I'm considering another puppy social but I'll def. be more on top of it this time....might try to get Juno's trainer to help out w/ socializing now. THanks!

I'll update later tonight after his class :)

On no poor Juno. Poor girl. Is he doing okay now? I know this happened yesterday. Hopefully he won't remember. My friend brought her dog to a dog park and some big dogs there that wanted to play with her. She is a toy poodle by the way, like 4 pounds. And they trampled all over her before her owner could get to her. The poor thing is so traumatized she refuses to play with dogs now. She completely ignores any dog she sees or tries to run from them. My little Pancake gets sad because she is ignores him so much. lol They are gonna be roommates though so she is gonna have to deal. Keep me posted on Juno. :D

Updated here :)

he's starting to perk up. I have my fingers crossed for him...i'm looking to bring him to a better supervised social tomorrow. We'll see :)


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