One small epic hairball!

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And She's not the fluffy!

Lois...NO she's not!  Max doesn't shed anything like that!  I do have a short haired cat who does tho, I can get a pile of fur out of Graycie just like that.

No, I don't think fluffys shed as badly as the normal corgis with normal hair.

Does that moderate amount of hair surprise any corgi owner?

When I groom Dougal the fluffy (aka Dougal the not very bright!) at least that amount of hair comes out but he doesn't seem to actually shed it that prodigously. On the other hand, Bella the beautiful does not seem to have as much hair at all, but she is surreptitiously shedding ALL the time & twice a year, about three weeks before she goes into heat, she blows her coat completely: one slim corgi turns into one skinny corgi.

No matter when I sweep / broom my floor, a wad of previously un-gathered corgi hair collects.

But as the L'Oriel ad says "cos they are worth it"

@Frances....Max, the fluffy, does not like to be brushed so I do a section of him at a time and the amount of time he will allow me to brush him depends on his mood.  When he blows his coat it's just clumps that I can either pull out or pick up off the floor.  Katie, naturally, has blown her coat before but I have never seen it this bad.  We have been having very hot humid weather here in NY.  Both are scheduled for a spa day on Friday...Max needs a trim with this heat and his nails clipped.  He does not like his feet touched so better to pay someone to do it than for me to do it.  Or I should say the 2 of us to do it.  Katie is a retired show dog so she is much more tolerant of grooming.

A one-megabyte hairball!!!!  Yipes!

The wonderful cleaning lady I hired to babysit me through the past year's worth of Adventures in Medical Science has been amazingly tolerant of the Dog Dunes. But after I was pretty much stuck in the bed for two weeks, so the dogs lived in the bedroom with me, one day she came staggering out with a rhinoceros-size wad of dog hair.

I said something profound like "gosh." She said, frowning: "It was ALL IN YOUR BEDROOM!!!"



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