Hey guys, my corgi is almost 12 weeks! He doesnt seem to get the wobbler.. he doesnt engage it at all or try to play with it. at very most he just barks at it. Anyone that has one of these wobblers, how did you get your corgi to start playing with it?


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We bought a wobbler for Bento since he was 8 weeks.  We put pretty high value treats mixed with kibble for him to play with.  We actually demonstrated how to play with the wobbler for him, so he'll learn.  We used our hands and knocked the wobbler around, so he could see that treats will come out it.  We kept doing that until he takes over.  Eventually, when we put the wobbler down, he goes to it and knows what to do.  I hope this helps.  

The wobbler is one of the many ways we feed Snickers her meals. It is the biggest and one of the hardest dispensers she has. You might want to get her a small ball dispenser and let him learn that, then go back to the harder one.

What Kim said!  I just kind of tipped it to show him that food fell out, and then Waffle started beating the crap out of it and food was flying everywhere. Maybe start with really super delicious treats and then work down to the regular food.  That ought to motivate him to figure it out. 

We bought one for Ginger when she was about 12-14 weeks old.  She couldn't figure it out and would just bark at it.  I would kick it over with my foot to get a treat out thinking that would help, but no.  Just bark, bark, bark.  My husband would get so annoyed with the barking that we would just put it up.  Well, one day I was home alone with her, I put it on the floor, and just let her bark.  She danced around it and barked for about an hour and a half before she finally went over and hit it with her nose.  Low and behold, a treat fell out, and we never had a problem after that.

Too bad you didnt have your camera for that

We got one for Twinkie and we really tried to show her how to use it.  She just sat there and stared at us until we knocked it over for her.  It was a fail for her. I wish I hadn't given it away though.  Logan would have figured it out very quickly I'll  bet. 

Noodles has had one for quite a while, but he was much older when he got his. He eats his breakfast in this every morning and does circles until I put it on the ground. Like Kim said though, I showed him what I put inside of it, set it on the ground, tipped it over with my hand and let him see his food would come out. I only had to do this a couple times and he was ready to play with it. He loves playing with his food and then eating it. The funniest is when it gets stuck underneath the couch. All I see is this bunny butt sticking up in the air because his head and one leg is underneath trying to get it unstuck. Mom to the rescue...I make him sit while I rescue it and then give it to him. I think the first couple times took him 15-20 minutes to empty it and now it goes much quicker. You should hear it crashing against the wall and furniture. Not exactly quiet, but if he is having fun, then I'm fine with it.

Tama was about 15 month old when we got him his Wobbler.  The first time there was a lot of barking and retreating, but once I knocked it over and kibble came out he got interested.  I showed him how to knock it over with his paw and 15 minutes later he emptied it.  The next day he was a pro and it only takes him 3 minutes to eat his breakfast out of the Wobbler now.  He switched from using his paw to just pushing it around with his nose after a week or so - anything to get food faster.

Baron got one for Christmas when he was 11 months old.  It took him less than 5 minutes of barking at it till he figured it out. He gets is breakfast kibble in the wobbler so it takes him a couple of minutes versus 10 seconds to eat his breakfast.  He now is able to unscrew the top and throw it around the floor after he is done eating.

We bought the wobblers for both of our Corgis.  Neither one had any particular interest in it.  We stuffed them with different treats and they would play with the wobbler for a few minutes then lose interest in it.

UPDATE: Hes about 14 weeks now, and just this afternoon he began playing with his wobbler! I didnt let him see it for a couple weeks, and i think hes getting more comfortable in his new home, and maybe even now feels like its "his turf". But today i put some of his favorite kibbles in there, let him see where i put it, and let him sniff then just let him and the wobbler alone for a bit. within a few mins he was fully playing with it and loving it. Thanks everyone for all the advice and opinions!!


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