Kyoshi sniffs the carpet and rolls over a few times after he chows this their way of digesting their food?

The kicker is he sometimes he lets out a loud cracks me up. So I'm guessing its his way of digesting his food after finishing a bowl of his food. Does your corgi do the same?

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Hehe. My Theo is a burper (it's soooo cute when he burps!) and he only carpet surfs after baths. :)
Hehe. Brodey does this sometimes. It seems to be a somewhat recent thing. I thought he was wiping his face. Carpet surfing. Funny.
Pandora has done this since she was puppy. She always sneezes after, never burps. She's a lady. :)

Trunks like to inhale his food and than cough part of it up on the bed. That's not cool.
Rhys and Andy have always done this...Andy rolls all the way onto her back, though. And she burps...rather loudly. She is such a *delicate flower*. :)
Kirby takes a few step running start and then dives forward, shoulder first, and starts his rolling around on his back! He usually burps before he gets to the living room to do his dive...right over his food bowl or on his way away from it is his place to belch! We'd wondered if it was a Corgi thing or not!
AHHH Winston does this too!!!! I have no idea why but it's SO funny. He'll like push his face into the carpet and then roll on his back and bark at us. It makes me crack up every single time.
Carpet surfing! LOL

Glad Kyoshi isn't the only weird one around here!
Griffyn does this too....usually after eating he runs to the carpeted tv area. While he is running his shoulder hits the ground first and then his face and he ends up on his back rolling back and forth. I call it " the happy boy" dance, and when I say that he continues to do it!


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