Hello everyone! I am a first time corgi owner and newcomer on this site so I'm still trying to get the feel of things and trying to find information out. So, with that said, if my questions have already been asked you could always direct me to that article or tell me on here :).


ANYWAYS, my puppy, Kenny, is going to be 12 weeks old on Wednesday and I was wondering when is the best time to walk him. Right now I'm trying to avoid walking him around the neighbor in case of unvaccinated dogs but I'm not sure if holding him from a walk is a good thing or not. He'll be getting his third series of shots soon.


Second thing I am wondering is what were your guys methods of leash training your dogs or puppies. Kenny likes to bite at his leash and play with it. Treats motivate him but even then he still wants nothing to do with the leash.


Question 1: Best time to walk him?

Question 2: Your methods on leash training


Thank you! :)

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I wouldn't wait to walk him. Don't take him to the dog park obviously, but a walk around the neighborhood is fine. Puppies only have a short socialization window so it's best to get them exposed to as much as possible asap.

Thank you so much! Just got to get him to now walk on a leash haha

Hook his leash on his collar and let him just drag it around. He'll get used to that thing following him pretty quickly. Use some treats when you first start and keep the first walks short and fun. He'll love it in no time!!

As for when to walk him--try to make a consistent schedule of a time you can realistically stick to a routine of taking him on a walk. Since my husband and I work split shifts, I usually find that if I can take my female out for a walk before lunch time, it kills some energy and helps her rest while I'm having my lunch (she's fed after I'm done).

I'm still kind of struggling with taking Eevee on walks. She's 10 weeks, and she loves being outside but doesn't always like to go for walks. Sometimes she'll just flop down and refuse to walk, which is frustrating. Even if we are just going around the block (we keep it short for the time being), we make sure to praise her and encourage her to keep moving.


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