So, I love it when my Corgi gives me little "licks", aka "kisses" in people terms , but it seems like his licking is excessive. He licks and licks our faces and we're just wondering if this is a Corgi thing or if he's just licking for leftover food bits , or if he's lacking something ( certainly not love and affection). Any ideas?  I'm finding it annoying at times.

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Oh my little Igor is a licker! I dont know why but he LOVES feet. >_<  Anyones feet! He will also lick sheets, pillows, and the couch too. Its not so often that it poses a huge problem but every now and then ill find a nice little wet spot where the pup was licking.
My corgi is a licker also. She licks her feet alotLOL I think it is a corgi thing
Mine is also a super-licker, despite all my attempts to get her to stop.  She just loves to give kissies, especially on people's ears.

Edison thinks all human beings are YUMMY.  Every time we lie on the floor to stretch or whatever, he comes by and promptly gives us a doggy facial.  This is much more vigorous if we've been exercising, so our current hypothesis is that he likes the skin salt.  He's also fond of certain lotions and creams I use, and will go after my hands and face after I've been moisturizing.  :)

I don't know!  Seanna only kisses when the alarm goes off in the morning, and then if she's in trouble.  Jackson licks all the time when you're petting him, which is all the time because he likes to have his belly rubbed and is very demanding about it!

Ragnar is a kissing bandit and he's especially obsessive in the morning.  I'm at the tail end of a really bad case of bronchitis, and it's made us joke that he thinks of me as his puppy.  Every time I have a terrible coughing fit, he's in my face to clean me and make sure I'm going to live.  It's very sweet, really--he looks so concerned.


Kelso is getting more licky--probably just out of competitiveness--but he's more polite.  He gives gentle little licks instead of  great sweeping full tongue ones.


Aber will only lick the very tip of your nose if you've done something he deems extremely worth rewarding.  He certainly doesn't fit any sort of corgi model of licking, although he does have a fabric/upholstery fetish and will lick that for seemingly hours on end.

Lilli was very mouthy as a puppy, and I managed to transfer the nipping into licking, thinking this was a better thing. But now I'm stuck with the licking. I suppose if I worked at it really hard I could fix the licking also, but what to replace it with?
Razzle licks excessively as well.  Sometimes to the point of having to be popped on the butt.  She's also fairly nervous and a lot higher strung than the rest of our pack.  Feet, faces, hands, neck, ears, no place is safe from Razzle licks.  It's especially annoying when she licks one's feet.  (It tickles, dammit.)


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