Sophie was limping on her right back leg a couple weeks ago, so we took her to the vet,  He couldnt find anything wrong with just the physical exam, so he gave us some anti inflamitory and pain med.  That worked wonders and she hadnt limped since, until her 10 days worth of pills were gone.  Now she is back to limping again.  She does it when she has been layiing down, and when she gets up she limps alot for a minute or 2 and then she is walking ok on it, but I can tell she isnt putting full pressure on the leg when she is standing.  She doesnt seem to be in pain because she still fraps and jumps which I know I need to try and stop,  I am scared to death that it is something serious.  I plan on taking her back to the vet again tomorrow and he will have to do exrays.  Has anyone else experience anything like this.  She is only 9 months. old

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Sammie did this and still does every few weeks. We found out she has luxating patellas which they can live with but hurts. In Sammie's case her. Patella luxated and at the same time she twisted and tore her ligaments in her leg. Now needs surgery :/ but luxating patella is a big possibility because they will be fine then over work themselves then have toe touching lameness.


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