Hello! My husband and I have been looking for some time for a Corgi--we live in Western Washington, but would be willing to travel if we found a dog. Due to our rental agreement, the dog would have to be more than 6 months old, but that's our only real requirement. I'd prefer a female, but we'd take either a male or a female if we found the right dog. If anyone knows of anything out there, please let us know! We're not looking for a show quality dog--ultimately we're just looking for one to keep us company.

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Check out corgi-L. There are quite a few corgi breeders out here. We think Carrie Hale and Joyce Gilpin are the best, of course, but we're prejudiced. We have a wonderful corgi neighbor who came from Sandpoint ID. Renegotiate your rental agreement; most pups are sent off at 3 months, so that's a short window of difference...
Do your research on breeders, and then start calling to see if they have any older dogs available. Sometimes they will have a retired show dog/breeding dog. Or they might have a young dog they were bringing up who did not quite meet their requirements. They also sometimes need to rehome a dog that did not work out with its original owner, and it may not be a problem with the dog they are placing. They may have sent a pup to a home with an existing dog, and the two never got along, for example.

Good luck!
I got mine in Dallas, OR, south of Portland, I don't know how far you're willing to drive, but if you're at all interested?, I could give you the breeder's email address and she'd probably have helpful info for you. She seemed to know a handful of breeders extremely well, and, of course, she has several corgis as well.
I suggest you check out the Cascade Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club. They have a rescue as well as a page of breeders that are members of the club. It's a good jump off point and as in fact where I found my breeder. http://www.cpwcc.org/
I'm not exactly sure where silverdale is located in comparision to Vancouver Wa. but if you go to oregonlive.com/classifed/corgis there are 2 litters available. If you go to Melanie Fishers page on this site,she recently came across a litter available in Chehalis WA & can provide you with more information on them she also has posted pics. of the baby girl (red/white) on her page. Good Luck with the puppy hunt!!!!!!
Thank you for your assistance. We found one that was in need of a new forever home and we will be picking up our new bundle of joy on Wednesday. So here is to a bright future.


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