Looking for reputable corgi breeders in NJ/Philly

Hello, fellow corgi lovers!

My fiance and I looking to bring a bundle of corgi love into our home soon. While I've always been an advocate of rescue and shelter pets, my fiance wants to get our first dog as a puppy for the bonding experience (the only dog he's ever had died when he was a little kid, so I totally understand where he's coming from with that one).

So does anyone know of any good corgi breeders in the South Jersey or Philadelphia 'burbs areas? We really want a Cardi but would love and dote on a Pem just as much (and we are well aware of the personality differences between the two). We're getting married in November and would prefer to wait until after the wedding to get a dog, but we couldn't say no to the perfect pup if s/he happened to come into our lives before that.

Thanks so much in advance, and take care! xoxo

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I know of a really good Pembroke breeder near the Philly area. The website is www.wynfox.com. I wanted to get my corgi from them but they weren't going to have any puppies until Fall. She seems like a very responsible breeder, although a little expensive. If she isn't exactly what you are looking for I am sure she could help you find other breeders in the area!
I just got my little girl from www.southhavenfarm.com. They are located south of DC near Fredericksburg, VA. I think you can find a breeder closer but not with the reputation. I am very happy with Tootsie.
Paisley came from South Haven Farm too!! Her father is Zeke and her mom is Honeybear. She is pretty much perfect if you ask me... although I am a little biased...
Oh that is too funny - Tootsie's came from Edwards Haynes X CCK Evie. She's a little devil!!!
We got our Talula from EZ Brook. The breeder does not dock the Pembroke's tails, which is really nice. We live in Philly and it's pretty close in Nottingham, PA. www.ezbrook.com
Wynfox seems like a reputable breeder - she certainly has a thorough process before she will give you a pup which I respect. We went through the process and were promised an older pup that we had met. She changed her mind last minute and decided to keep and show the dog. It was a huge disappointment - I already had her collar tags made up and everything. I don't think that is normal or common with the breeder but did want to share my experience.

I ended up getting Tucker from Susan Strickland / Honeyfox Corgis - she is about an hour (or so) outside of Philly but it was definitely worth it. He really is a great dog. Amazingly well behaved and incredibly lovable and snuggly. He has plenty of energy to run and play but is also happy to lay on the couch and just be near you. She focuses on personality when she chooses dogs to breed and they all seem to have these sweet innocent faces too. Although like Meredith I am biased :)
Thank you for sharing this story about Wynfox! Some relatives were thinking about using her and it is good to know that she isn't the most honest breeder. I know I would have been devastated had she done that to me or someone I know.
To be fair - I wouldn't say she is dishonest. She really had a change of heart last minute and couldn't part with the dog. I don't think that situation would happen with a new pup - this was a 10 month old dog she was already attached to. It was very disappointing for us but I am sure that is not the norm. If she has a litter with good timing for you I would still talk to her.
Good to know! Thank you Heather!
We also purchased our corgis from Susan Strickland-Honeyfox Corgis. We got Kiwi last March (08) and were so impressed with her temperament that we decided this past May to purchase a little tri-color boy, Orzo. Both of them are great corgis, and along with the other corgi owners, I'm sure I'm a little biased. She's very reputable and well-known among corgi owners in PA, so if you decided to go with her, you can be sure you're getting a high quality corgi :). Good luck on the search!
I would check the breed club websites as well.

We used Corgard in the Reading area (Kandy Boll). We were very happy with our puppy. He was a rambunctious mouthy barky little guy, but confident and adaptable. He's a wonderful dog, but a bit oversized. She's mainly a show breeder. You can find her on the PWCCA website. I believe she might have a breeding planned for fall.


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