Looking for Tri-Color Pembroke Corgi in the Western New York area........

Very dear friends are looking for a female tri-color puppy...the breeder from which we were so lucky to get our little Sophie is not breeding anymore....all help will be appreciated!  Thanks!

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Have you tried inquiring with anyone from this list?  I know that they aren't necessarily in or directly around Buffalo, but it's a list that I went through when I was looking for a pup more towards Syracuse.  I didn't have any luck, as I was looking for a red/white female at the time, but I do recall one or two of the breeders responding that they bred tri-color Pembrokes.  You could also try the PWCCA website if making a trip to, say, Ohio wouldn't be out of the question.  I think I remember there being a breeder in Ohio that was about a 2 hour drive from Buffalo, but I might be off on the travel time.


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