Hi, I was just at the Petco in North Hollywood and there was a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi available for adoption through Best of Buddies Inc., based out of Newhall, Ca. His information card stated that he was a stray. It kills me to think someone is missing him! He was taken in on July 21, 2010 and is a very sweet dog. He's black and tan and weighs 32lbs. I'd love to take him in with our corgi, but we have a male and I'm not sure how two males would work out just yet...  The location of the Petco is 3525 W. Victory Blvd. Burbank, Ca

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If you live in Ca could you pass this around?
If you are still considering bringing him home, maybe you could talk to Natalie (Lance's Mom).  They recently brought home Tucker and I think everything is working out well for them.  I think they are listed here as Lance and Natalie.  Hope that helps.  I'll be hoping for the best for him!
I have three males and I don't have many problems, it's the girls that are bitchy.
I would not worry about having 2 males especially if they are neutered:) You would have to check out the personality but I have had up to 4-5 males in my household (some where rescues) and never had a problem.  Like Nicola said it the females that are more of a problem. I am adding another unneutered male to my home in June. Yes, you have to be cautious but it can be done:) Meeting on neutral ground would be a must.


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