I took Mia and Herky in yesterday for baths and little bit of a trim on their "tail feathers".  Mia had her nails painted and had little bows in her hair! Anyone have a little girl who loves to primp?

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Lilly loves her bath and will lay on my lap (on her back of course) with her paws out to get her nails trimmed.  I've never tried painting her nails, that just might be a bit much for her.
hahaha  carly would never sit still long enough for a paint job... so cute though
she wouldn't sit for me either!  I don't know how they did it, she even had little bows with rubber bands in her hair
OMG she is beautiful. Yes my sweet baby Gwenie loves it! She is very girly! Loves nails painted, face washed, brushed and I have a make-up brush I use on her face, nothing on it. She loves clothes too. For me its nice I have a house full of boys for years. My last corgi a boy all boy! Its nice and fun. Like the daughter I never had. Love her nails ;)
Adorable!!! Ella liked her trip to the groomers, but since it was her first time, we just did the bath/nail trim/brush.  I'm not sure if she'd let them paint her nails, but I know she doesn't like bows. lol


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