Miles is 16 months old, healthy, playful guy. Shots up to date. Went for his usual 40 minute walk in the neighborhood in the morning. Was himself all day. Ate dinner at 6pm and then...started acting overly lethargic. Bobbing his head, like he's trying to stay up, but can't. C

Called the vet (on call)...she said it looks like he might have eaten something. We'll be taking Miles to the vet tomorrow. In the meantime, anyone had their corgi act like this?

video 1

video 2

thank you

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Hi Natalia,

How's Miles doing? We hope he's doing better. Sometimes it's hard to catch them considering they are low riders. They would at times pick up stuff off the ground. And I always worry about that as he picked up some nasty parasites that caused him to get diarrhea. We noticed as the day went on, he would be lethargic but not until he went asleep in his crate and he usually wants to come out, but at that one time he wasn't eager, there was something seriously wrong. We took him to the emergency animal hospital because his regular vet office was closed. Thank goodness he's better now. I understand your worries for Miles.  I'll keep him in my prayers. 

If he may have eaten something he needs to be seen within 4 hours for them to induce vomiting and start treating. He looks like he got into some type of sedative or tranquilizer and his breathing looks heavier than it should. I'd take him in ASAP and not wait until tomorrow morning. Please keep us updated.

Natalia,  He looks intoxicated to me.  Could he have gotten into cleaning solutions or some other chemicals.  I wonder if he needs to have his stomach pumped or something.  He is such a wonderful fellow.  I am so sorry that he is sick.

Thanks, guys, for replies. You are right ... We do get paranoid once we've lost a dog. I checked his gums. They are fine. He is sleeping in his crate right now.
and breathing is normal.

First off I am glad his breathing is better.  We do get paranoid but I guess I am also surprised the vet didn't want to see him ASAP.  I hope he is much improved in the morning.  Please keep us posted on how he is.

This morning I took him outside, after that he drank water and 10 minutes later all that water was on my kitchen floor:))) I waited an hour and then fed him some boiled chicken and rice. He is holding it down and playing with his tennis ball.

Thank you all for praying and concern.
Miles is all better

So good to see!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very glad to hear he is better this morning.

Lilly and I are so glad to hear that he is all better!! 

Miles says:



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