Miles is 16 months old, healthy, playful guy. Shots up to date. Went for his usual 40 minute walk in the neighborhood in the morning. Was himself all day. Ate dinner at 6pm and then...started acting overly lethargic. Bobbing his head, like he's trying to stay up, but can't. C

Called the vet (on call)...she said it looks like he might have eaten something. We'll be taking Miles to the vet tomorrow. In the meantime, anyone had their corgi act like this?

video 1

video 2

thank you

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Now that is a sleepying, content corgi!  So adorable!

Yes, recently. He ate the day before but refused to eat that morning (which is really odd for Sam). He was really droopy the following day and wouldn't even respond to sudden noises (also odd for Sam). When we put him in his kennel for the night, he kept whining every 45 minutes or so to go out. I didn't see it during the potty trips, but I woke up in the morning to find bloody stool all over his kennel. It turned out that the heavy rains had caused mushrooms to sprout in our yard and he decided they were noms. Vet gave him fluids and something to stop the loose stool. He's fine now. It may nor not be the same thing but I'd comb the yard.  

Thank you, Sam's mom:)

Stacey...not a bad idea on the milk thistle.  I have a friend with an older lab that has liver problems.  The vet suggested the milk thistle.  I know Rosie is doing better using it.  Also a friend who had an older Vizula and milk thistle was also suggest for her.  It did help her.

Good info. Thank you.


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