As if they weren't dwarfed enough already, somebody's been breeding miniature corgis:



Apologies to Bob and Sparkplug

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ROTFLOL I got Ein one of those. I just had to, cause she loves her regular tennis balls so much. She loves this one now too. It's so much fun to watch her play with it.
where do you get one of these balls!? Franklin would LOVE it!
Wal-Mart $5. I found them with other outdoor toys.

5 Below has them as well, and as I recall various colors and or types.

Yah, should get the Furbutt one to chase/herd. I'm just affraid that the other dogs at the dog park will take over it and or destroy it.

Though some good news, I'm currently trying to obtain some backyard time with her, the only issue is they have a Retrever that is well, insane at the best of time. Her ability to make use of the back yard will depend on how the two of them play.


Hahaha!  Best caption. Ever.
That's awesome!!

I love it!!!!!!!!!


No apologies necessary!


The ball is from Walmart. That black spot in the picture is where he has pulled some of the fuzz off. He picks it up and carries it to me now!

WOW!  I wonder if my wheeled corgi could play with this ball!


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