UPDATE: he was found at the Lake Jackson SPCA. They were trying to adopt him out after only having him gor the weekend. They didnt scan his chip or anything and are charging my dad for all the shots they gave him and for having him snipped. The poor guy was already current on his shots, too. My dad is furious at them.

My dad's sable Pembroke went missing on Thursday. He found the dogs collar laying in his yard, so he is unsure if Thumper got out and got free of his collar or what. He was last seen in Oyster Creek, a small town in Brazoria County. He is microchipped and current on all his vaccinations.

My dad is heartbroken over it. If he can't get Thumper back, he wants to find a home for his remaining two dogs since Thumper is so close to him :( I have a flyer that I am going to take to the local vets, pet supply stores, and the SPCA this week.

He is my Pippa's brother, and was supposed to be our dog, but my dad connected with him instantly and I didn't have the heart to bring him home after that. Please pass the word around and help bring Thumper home!

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I hope Thumper is found soon. How sad for your dad.

Sorry to hera that Rachael, hope this helps.

Good luck...keep us updated!

Reposting in Corgi Rescues of America and PemPals on Facebook!

Oh no, oh no!  I hope he gets some good news on Thumper soon!  Losing one of the kids is a huge fear for me.  Keep us posted!

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you find Thumper soon! He's such a cutie!

I live in Brazoria County. I'll keep an eye out at the shelters.

Not sure how I managed to turn off replies, but it is fixed now. he has been found!

I hope your dad fights them. He can sue them in small claims court for the price of a replacement breeding dog since they snipped a dog that your dad planned on using for breeding. Here is what Petfinder.com recommends:

Take it to the Top
If a complaint is valid and you don't think you can make a difference by working from within the organization, then you should communicate your displeasure directly with the executive director and the board of directors of the shelter. Additionally, if they have a service contract with the local municipality contact the city council as well. Finally, you may wish to contact your local Better Business Bureau and/or write a letter to the editor of your local paper.

I'd be furious if I was your dad too, especially since they didn't even try to scan his chip!!  Sure glad he was found though...

seems to me they didn't do what a "reasonable person" would do....ie: check for a chip

I'd sue their pants off.  and I am the least sue happy person on the planet. 

So glad to hear of the happy ending.  I am discouraged to hear that the shelter did not bother to check him for a microchip.  Seems like that would be a fairly standard part of the intake procedure. 


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