UPDATE: he was found at the Lake Jackson SPCA. They were trying to adopt him out after only having him gor the weekend. They didnt scan his chip or anything and are charging my dad for all the shots they gave him and for having him snipped. The poor guy was already current on his shots, too. My dad is furious at them.

My dad's sable Pembroke went missing on Thursday. He found the dogs collar laying in his yard, so he is unsure if Thumper got out and got free of his collar or what. He was last seen in Oyster Creek, a small town in Brazoria County. He is microchipped and current on all his vaccinations.

My dad is heartbroken over it. If he can't get Thumper back, he wants to find a home for his remaining two dogs since Thumper is so close to him :( I have a flyer that I am going to take to the local vets, pet supply stores, and the SPCA this week.

He is my Pippa's brother, and was supposed to be our dog, but my dad connected with him instantly and I didn't have the heart to bring him home after that. Please pass the word around and help bring Thumper home!

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It is such a blessing that Thumper was found.  It is CRAZY that the government shelter took no steps to find his owner.  I thought they usually keep the dogs "whole" and then made the adopting party pay for the surgery.  I would be one unhappy person.  I am wondering if the chip is still in him.  I have the vet check each time we go in that the chip is still there.  I CANNOT believe they didn't even scan him!  Again, CRAZY!

Our SPCA spays and neuters all adult pets, and only leaves you responsible for bringing back puppies and kittens later on for it.

His chip is very much still in place. It was checked as soon as he got home. They lady that was there kept coming up with excuses as to why he wasn't scanned.

So sorry to hear about the snipsnip and the extra shots AND the possible fees. So glad to hear Thumper is back at home!

Sorry for the late update, I've had internet problems :( I am very disappointed. They wouldn't back down, and he paid over $150 in fees. She said that since it had been longer than 3 days they had every right to prep him for adoption, even though 3 out of the 4 days they had him were days that they were closed!! She had him down as a Border Collie (not a mix!), on the papers, yet the lady that did his intake made it clear that she knew he was a corgi. When he talked to her on that Monday, she said the scanner was broken, and the next day, when he picked Thumper up, she said it was missing but now found and they *still* didn't scan his chip. Judging from the way she was talking, my dad is convinced that she knew he was a corgi and intentionally didn't scan him because she was intending to adopt him immediately. The only positive is that they didn't actually do his surgery yet. He was getting ready to be sent out to get fixed on that Monday, and when my dad called to claim him they cancelled it.

Well that's great news that he didn't actually get the surgery. I would be thankful to have him back, and would have paid $150 for a reward for my baby, so the money wouldn't be an issue for me, but the fact that all of these errors had occured [mis-labeling the breed, not scanning or finding a scanner to use, preparing for adoption so soon, etc] hinting toward personal adoption would piss me off. I think small claims court would be more trouble than its worth, but I would go NUTS telling everyone around what happened. It's unethical and just wrong.

VERIFY YOUR CHIP.  When you visit the vet, HAVE YOUR DOG SCANNED.    Gwynnie's chip gave NO SIGNAL.  It probably fell out.  For years, we'd relied on a failed chip.

We actually did have his chip double-checked when he came back home and all was working well.

I can't believe they didn't scan him...that's terrible. I would be absolutely furious.

I think it's pretty standard policy for them to spay or neuter animals pretty quickly though. Really he should not be bred anyway since his pigmentation is not standard.

He isn't intact for breeding, he actually has no contact with female dogs of any breed. He is a farm dog, so my dad left him unaltered.

Absolutely UNETHICAL for this SPCA branch to be carrying on like this! While she may have had 'good intentions' of adopting Thumper, not doing everything in her power to find the dog's true owner is just plain wrong. You should take your story to your local news channel or the newspaper or something! Get the story out there!

I forgot to add that Thumper actually came home very sick from the SPCA as well. He had a nasty upper respiratory infection and it got so bad that he became unresponsive and my dad had me take him in for an emergency vet visit. We have been spreading word around and have actually heard several similar stories from other people!

Aren't there any laws in Texas about the length of a stray period? Here it's 7 days before we can do anything intrusive or adopt the animal out. It simply isn't legally ours until then. Can anyone call themselves a shelter and claim ownership of a dog that they find? Someone tried that in WI, had the county contract so the sheriff kept bringing her strays, but she kept the animals for breeding or sale. She was prosecuted and convicted as a puppy mill operator among other things. Other legit shelters had to pick up the poor animals. So how can TX allow the SPCA to do the same sort of thing?

Good thing they only had that poor corgi for three days if it managed to get sick so quickly.


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