I'm going to document Mocha's bucket list,  a photo will be posted as I complete each one :) Feel free to suggest one for us!

1. Eat lots of homemade waffles

2. Riding shotgun instead of the cargo hatch

3. Free Massage, no tricks required.

4. Take a family portrait 

5. Pick on big dogs at the park.

6. Eat Pizza - Like a boss.

7. Go camping

8. I'm on a boat

9. Eat BBQ Fish, Beef, Chicken and Sausage

10. Eat Cheetos

11. Sunbath at the lake

12. Bacon I love you

LAST UPDATE: July 30th 8:46pm
I was cooking some chicken for Mocha this afternoon, Mocha came by and slept on my foot. I gave him a neck massage as usual, he took his last breath after several minutes. I held him in my arms for 2 hours, waited for my wife to come home. All the family members said their goodbyes.
It was peaceful, his eyes were open, with a smile on his face. I'm happy that his last moment was spent with me, it was all I ever prayed for.
I am lost for words right now, forgive me for taking some time off. Thank you for allowing me to share his stories with you.


The update continues on another thread... Aug 1st 5:58pm


Thank you so much for all your messages, our phones were beeping non stop from notifications. Your words brought tears to our eyes and we are filled with love.


I took Vienna to the vet yesterday, the cytology result came back today, she also has stage 5 Lymphoma. So this thread will continues and I'm starting another bucket list for Vienna as well.

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Since Noodles love to play tug-o-war, I would suggest doing that for as long as Mocha wants (if he likes to do that). The other thing would be is to eat french fries (We can't even say that word in our house, they are called "f & f''s". Oh, I thought of one more...how about digging as many holes in the sand. Noodles loves doing this at the beach or in the sand trap down at the end of the long jump.

The family portrait is beautiful! Praying for you all!

The family portrait - priceless. I saw this saying recently and I found it comforting when my Sophie went to Rainbow Bridge last year..."Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." by Dr. Seuss. Spend as much time with Mocha as possible - these are memories to behold.

Hi Sam ,Silvia,Mocha and Vienna,I would agree that a bowl of D.Q. soft serve is a must,perhaps some nice sizzling bacon.Your family portrait is wonderful such beautiful smiles.

Your portrait just melts my heart.  What great parents you both are to your babies.  Your love for them is more than most dogs can ever hope for.  That being said, has Mocha ever had a chance to try sheep herding?  That was a really fun thing to do with our Gerogia (sic) Corgis group.  Is there natural site that you think the family would like.  Has he ever peed on a red wood?  Now that would be cool!  I look forward to your updates!

I second sheep herding!  The first time I took Pazu to see sheep (thinking that he'd be terrified because he has always been easily spooked since he was little) ..  I even suggested that they switch him to ducks because I thought he'd be afraid of sheep.   They were like nah nah - your dog knows sheep.  So when Pazu saw sheep, it's like his eyes brightened and he had this look of like - this is what I was bred to do!! 

Nap on the floor next to you

I love your pictures!  Your family is beautiful!  I love the suggestions, they would make any corgi smile!

Sam, this is such a lovely (and loving) tribute to Mocha.  Ethel's list would include rolling in the most horrible, smelly substances known mankind, licking the froth off some lattes, and spending time with her pal Zoe the sheepdog.  Bertie's would be just be with me 24/7, and the odd treat.  But then he's a bit of a mama's boy.


We send you, Mocha, Silvia and Vienna big Corgi hugs.  I lost my mom to lymphoma just last year -- and we tried to keep the positive attitude too.  Her thing was a really good hotdog and stiff vodka tonics (you know, where you just wave the tonic bottle over the glass of vodka?).  And a lot of coffee ice cream, too.  My opinion was, if she wanted to jump into a tub of vodka and coffee ice cream, I'd make it happen.  So, go Mocha!  Eat, play, enjoy!

are there any pet photographers in your area? If yes, I would suggest having a photo shoot for Mocha and Vienna so that you'll have tons of good quality pictures to keep and remember them by =)

Meatball personally loves doggie bakery treats so maybe get them a doggie cake too? =)

Playing in a mud puddle, or swimming.  Lilly loves her pool!  Lamb burgers, hot dogs, anything with ice cream.  Usually on weekends, Lilly goes everywhere with me.  Lowes and Rural King allow dogs as well as petsmart.  Vanilla yogurt, and peanut butter.  Naps on the couch.  Sleeping in the bed.

Mine love canned sardines/salmon/mackerel.   The smellier the fish the more they like it.  

Fry him up a little liver, or chicken gizzards.  

Take him to a lake or woods or field (his favorite) and let him wander around and smell and roll.  

Make him peanut butter/banana/yogurt ice pops to lick on.

I think your attitude, and making Mocha's last days as pleasant for him as possible, are wonderful.   My father's all-time favorite dog was a springer spaniel he hunted with.  She got cancer at an advanced age.  Her favorite thing in the world was to go hunting, and it broke my dad's heart that he could not risk taking her out because she was mostly deaf and he was terrified he'd lose her and she'd be lost and scared.  He also thought he might take her out and (don't mean to be harsh) shoot her in the woods when she was busy finding birds, but in the end he could not because he was so afraid his shot would be off and she'd suffer if only briefly.   I was still young but I saw how much it hurt him that he could not let her die doing what she loved most.   It is so nice that you can at least have this chance with your lovely Mocha to make his last days special.

The picture made me cry....

Raw filet mignon...every dog's dream.


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