hey there, so the lease on our house is up in july and my little family are moving into a nice and big apartment. it had 3 bed rooms and i think the fur kids will like it, especially since we are making one of the rooms into a play room for them lol the only down side is that exercising teddy wont be as much now that its a smaller neighbor hood and its really hot out. when i walk around the complexes u are done with in ten mins lol so that definitely isnt enough for him. luckly they put are place right next to the picnic area so im hoping they will let us play with out his leash if no one is there (doubting it tho:/)  so i was hoping for  some ideas to exercise him more and things to keep him busy (i have lots of toys, such as kongs and raw hide bones) another problem wich he has had ever since he was little is...if he isnt comfortable he will not poop, i know is gross but im not sure what to do about this problem. he wont go for long periods of time unless he cant hold it no more. im scared he will be stressed in the new place and poop in the house or if it will take tons of time for him to go and by that i mean standing outside for and hour waiting(rain or shine!) treats have not worked or praise. its just one of those things, unless he wants to he wont go or will poop a  little and then hold the rest( ugh) but also i was hoping for things on keep my kitties busy, we have a sun porch here but in the new appt. there isnt one:( we are gonna get them a cat tree but i dont wanna stress them out.

we are so excited about this because we can paint the walls! lol and its will be a nice neighbor hood with no idiots for neighbors who cant just tie their dogs outside for them to bark all day (thats the main reason we r moving plus, being in the military they pay u to live off base and since are rent is only 700 and we get paid 1200, we make some money lol)

thank u!! once we move in i will post pics:), we will be moving in on the 1st of july

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i see what u mean, we went on a hike through Charleston and his nails were almost down to nothing but his pads were ok. i havnt meet any other people with dogs except one and he is very nice, teddy wont go far from me, he dosnt even like going all the way to the back of the pen in are yard lol he seems to be taped to my side lol.

i would love to get him in agility, i know he would absolutely love it as he loves working for anything and is always focusing on me. i havnt been able to find anywhere near me that does this and my husband is worried about the cost but i really want to do this
ok so just because I had some free time and Im always willing to help another military wife ; ) I googled your location and there is an agility club in your area or at least I hope its close to your area......


check it out
aww thank u so very much!!!! i truly appreciate it:D its awesome that your a military wife:) what branch is your hubby in? u maid my day, thank u so much again
Hey no problem! Hes Marine Corp : )

Does that club work for you?

The classes are $125 for 7 weeks which I know sounds expensive but trust me Im spending almost $200 a month on herding and Agility and gas to get to the locations and its worth every penny! lol I need to get out of the house and have my own hobby being a stay at home military wife just wasnt for me!
i agree, it gets so boring at home all the time so i spend it will teddy, hes my little shadow lol this will work out fine, its not to much and i know that this will be fun for both of us:) i really look forward to signing up asap
Oh no, did something happen to Snoopy?
yes, he died from a snake bit about a month ago:( teddy and us miss him so very much
Awww, I'm so sorry to hear that. How tragic.


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