so i need some direction here as google is failing me on this subject :/ i will be moving to California on July 15 with my very close friend and as we are planning this move we are thinking about the pets. i will not and refuse to leave my cat behind but the problem is she has very small car (mazda RX-8) so its going to be very difficult to have us two, our luggage and baden in the car. and for a cat, as good as he is, its very stressful. he crys the whole time unless hes in my lap but i know thats dangerous plus where would we put the cat box. he could stay in a carrier but hes maine coon so hes bigger than baden and weighs 20 pounds! (hes not fat) so that large kennel will not fit.

so i am turning to you for help on advice and see if theres a company u recommend that will get yoda from AR to CA safely.  if its by plane or car please let me know.

also for those who live in CA if u know any nice apartments for about $1000 and is in the middle of the Sacramento city (so i can easily walk to stores and such) feel free to recommend.  

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thats a good idea. thank u for suggesting that :) i have calming treats and sprays and do seem to work, just not for very long so maybe the collar will be a better option

I also have a Maine Coon and we travel cross Country with him 4 times a year ( 1700 miles each time ), but we have a large  vehicle and he stays in a 36 inch dog crate for  the three days of the trip with his litterbox, food and water.  Traveling with him on your lap would kill you on a long trip as the 20 Lbs would do a job on the circulation in your legs already compromised by the long sitting time in the car. Can you put him in a small airline crate on the back seat?  He will survive the drive as long as you can keep the car cool and then you could bring him in the hotel with you and buy disposable litterboxes to keep in the bathroom along with food and water.  I give my cat a calming treat 1/2 hour to 1 hour before we leave.  If he needs it he gets one for the night as well, but usually one will do. Here is the link and Petco carries them.  They are expensive but last.  I keep them in a glass baby food jar. Cats can be suspicious of new things so I bought a pack of the hairball treats, just to get him used to taking that brand and flavor before I needed to use the calming treats.

Baden could sit next to the cat crate with a dog harness and seat belt. Make sure the crate is bungied down securely.  For the luggage you may consider a carrier on top of the car.  Suitcases can also be shipped. No way could I leave my cat behind, I'm with you 100% and I know you can make it work!

im debating on either harnessing him up with his tags and giving him his tranquilizer pill and letting him sleep it out on my lap or crating him but after u said 20 pounds on my legs i realized that would be very uncomfortable :/ so i will seatbelt the crate down and let him stay in there for the ride.

he does have calming treats that he loves but i have to give him 2 at a time because hes so big lol

I would suggest either disposable litter boxes or a small turkey roaster (garage sale/goodwill shopping time) to use as a litter box.  Much more sturdy than the plastic ones, handles for lifting, especially if you're moving/lifting it a lot.  Maybe a soft-side carrier you can keep on your lap?  That would make it easier and more secure for moving her in and out of motel rooms.  Also, if possible, choose motels that don't have under-the-bed access. 

Good luck and safe travels!  Let us know how it goes...

thank you:) i sure will

I've been across the country twice with two cats and a dog in tow. Both times I let the cats roam. They both had collars and microchips on. I *had* carriers, foldable ones I could just stuff under something and then fish them out when I needed to transport them to the hotel room. Both of the cats would weasel under the car seat (no idea how) or inbetween boxes. I left a gerbil bottle of water propped up and made sure they could get at it. Niether of them needed the cat box during the 8-10 hr car rides (though I did put towels on the floorboards just incase). Instead they would wait and go at the hotel in the middle of the night, so we packed a disposable kitty little tray. 

For the meowing, drugging them is fine, but we just let Leah cry it out for the first hour and then she got tired of it and went to sleep. She'd pop up with some crappy moments, but on a ride that long it all blends together anyway. I also found that having a book on tape put all the animals to sleep. Something about the steady voice. 

if i put something like that on we might all be asleep :P lol i didnt think about putting towels down, thats a good idea. but ill put them in his crate. i just hope the tranquilizer works since he is such a big kitty

I don't have any advise on cat traveling, since I don't have one. But as for an apartment, ones in downtown area can get pretty expensive. Not sure if $1000 would get you a one-bedroom... maybe a studio? If you need a place where they allow pet, then that could limit your options as well. Trying looking up CADA and contact them. They provide assistance in finding apartments in the area... not sure if they do any pet-ok places though. Also, if you don't have a car to get around, try to get a place near light rail. That would get you to places if you are willing to walk a bit. The one along Gold Line should be pretty good. Large grocery store wise, only large store is Safeway on 19th St and S St. There are other smaller corner stores throughout the downtown area. Not sure where you will be working, so you want to think about that as well.

When we moved to Sacramento in 2005, we lived at an apartment in downtown called Capitol Towers. They have villas which has small yards for apartments on the 1st floor. It was already $975 for one bedroom back then, so not sure how much they charge now. They also charge $50~100 for parking per month. Good luck with the move!


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