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Has anyone tried a muttmop? It says it will withstand the roughest treatment. I'm thinking about getting one for Dexter. Thoughts?



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Maddie would be swallowing hunks of it.  :)    Not sure about Jack;  he is usually only intereseted in getting out the squeaker and after that is fairly gentle with toys.  But Maddie is like a goat. 


I've never seen that toy and it looks neat.  However, having paid good money for many "indestructible" toys, I now operate under the theory that if it's fleece, cloth, plastic or rubber, a dog CAN get hunks off of it.  The question is, do they like it enough to try to eat it?  If the motivation is there, they can.   Maddie's gotten hunks off of the black Kong, for instance.

That's what i'm worried about. Dexter has never been able to bite chunks from the black kong but he has destroyed and swallowed small pieces of certain soft toys which is why I don't buy them anymore. I'm thinking that this toy is not worth the risk that he might swallow something.


Thanks Beth! :)


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