My Corgi's are not sleeping in their crates

My first 2 Corgi's, Molly and Murphy were my babies, as we got them 6 years before we had our first child.  They went everywhere with us and slept in our bed every night until they passed almost 2 years ago.  I got very attached to them and still cry whenever I think or write about them.  They were the greatest dogs ever and not a day goes by that I do not think of them.

Fast forward to today...I have 2 Corgi's, Ruby and Charlie, who are now 1 year old.  I got them when they were 7 weeks and they have been wonderful dogs as well.  But I promised my self that I would not get so attached to them like I was with Murphy and Molly.  No  way am I going through that heartbreak again!

My first issue I need help with is their sleeping arrangements.  They have been crate trained since the day I brought them home.  They sleep in their crates in our bedroom and I have made it a point to make them as comfortable as possible.  They have a mattress, blanket, stuffed animal and fan in their crate, its like a mini apartment.  They ahve always loved their crates and never had a problem ging into  them for bedtime...until now!

At 9pm I allow them in my bed to rest for 20 minutes so we can get some alone time together (minus the kids) then at 9:30 we take one last potty trip outside and then they go in their crate to sleep. I have been leaving their crate door's open at night, which has never been a problem.  

Recently my female had been getting out of her crate to sleep under my bed for a few hours, then she will start walking around the room going to wake up/bug her brother or barking to get into my bed.  Then my male will walk out and try and get into bed with me.  They have also been getting in the routine of getting up at 4am and trying to climb into bed with me.  My husband does not want them in the bed and I understand that and am in agreement. Last night when I put them in their crates I closed their doors. Theywere ok with it until around 3am when my male tried to paw at the door to open it, then my female strted barking at me at 4am to get out and get in bed with me. Honestly, sometimes I do give in and put them in the bed so I can get a few more hours of sleep.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get them to enjoy sleeping in their crates again?  I wanted to get them their own dog beds, but now I don't think they will use them, but instead just try and get into our bed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated...Thanks!

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Thank You everyone for all of the advice!  I have been following it and closing their crate doors at night and so far we haev had no issues!

Woohoo!  Just like toddlers...give 'em inch and they'll take a mile.  BTW...welcome to the club of being outsmarted by a corgi.


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