My 4-yr-old male Pembroke has just started having seizures. He had 3 within 2 weeks, 2 of those within 24 hr. I took him to the Vet after the first one and they ran blood work which all came back normal. After the cluster seizures (2 within 24 hr.), I took him back to the Vet. She now thinks it is probably epilepsy and he has been started on phenobarbital. Since going on the medication (only 5 days ago), he has not had another episode.


I didn't see Corgis listed as one of the breeds that is prone to seizures. How common is this in Corgis? I've had Corgis for the past 40 years and have never seen this before. It scares me because now I'm afraid to leave him alone and go any where, but that is just not practical.


Has anyone had any experience with this?



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Yes, luckily I knew from research on the web to ask for this. She was a little reluctant to give it to me at first, but then she went ahead with it. She told me to just keep it on hand and only give it if his seisure had gone on for 5 min. without him coming out of it. I only have 1 dose and it is already in the syringe. She told me I might want to look for a rubber-tipped syringe, but I have not been able to find any.
Since your corgi does suffer from cluster seizures you may want to insist your vet give you valium like Darlene suggested. The last set of clusters my corgi had we had to bring him to the emergency vet because he was having one after the other with no recovery time inbetween. The vet needed to give him valium in order to stop the seizures.
Beverly, I had a daschund that had seizures for her whole life (she lived to be 12, but sadly parished by getting hold of a bufo frog) and she maintained well with pheno. She would have at least 2 a month and at random. She was probably diagnosed with seizures just after turning a year old. She did the same thing your little one does by sticking right close after it passed.

She was ok being left in the house. She was never alone for more than a school days hours. (Figure for about 9 hours, at most.) She would usually go to a small blanketed area we had in the corner for her if she was having an episode, then we would stop what we were doing to just hold her, usually wrapped in a towel to try and calm her down.

Hope your little man does well with the medication. :D Keep us posted!! Snuggles and kisses from Dyddy and Libby!
Sorry to hear you lost your little daschund. The low dose of pheno was not enough. After a little over a month, he had 3 seizures within 24 hr. The vet doubled the dose and he is now getting 30 mg. twice a day. So far so good, but I'm afraid they will come back once he adjusts to the new dose. He goes in later this week to check his blood levels. The vet did say if the pheno doesn't do it, we can add the potassium bromide.
Our corgi started having seizures at about 1 1/2 years of age, shortly after we adopted her from rescue. We started her on potassium bromide (KBr) rather than phenobarbitol as KBr is easier on the liver and she was so young. Our vet had significant experience treating dogs with epilepsy so that was good; ask your vet how familiar with epilepsy he/she is. We have had quite good control. For three years she had only one S per year; she had a setback last summer/fall and is now having one per month. We are confident that she will get back to her once a year schedule. You might want to check out this site dedicated to canine epilepsy: They provide info on diagnostic testing, feeding, meds, other treatments, environment management, etc. I have learned some good tips for managing her Ss. It's good to keep your dog away from stairs and other dogs during a S. We keep ours in the kitchen with a baby gate across the door when we are gone. Some dogs can be brought out of a S by putting a bag of ice across their lower back as soon as you see them starting to seize. Check out the site and see if it looks like something you might be interested in. It's a very supportive group of people. Not everyone agrees on everything and not all dogs respond to treatment the same way, but it offers good information. Good luck and belly rubs to your baby.


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