My corgi, Nigel, is 11 weeks old and persistently barks and jumps on me whenever I eat or drink any thing. I swear he has a sixth sense about food. He could be dead asleep and wake up if he hears the crinkle of a wrapper. Even if I am just taking a drink of something he will bark and try to jump to get the drink. Even when he sees me brushing my teeth, he thinks he should have it as well. I know that he eats enough and always has water available so it's not like he is hungry. Currently, when he starts barking when I eat, I will tell him quiet. If that doesn't work, I will put him in the bathroom for time out. But I feel bad leaving him in there the whole time I eat anything. Do you have any suggestions or should I just continue to put him in time out? Thanks in advance!

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I think your corgi just loves food like I do! Lol, but don't keep putting him in time out. Instead, replace what he wants with a dog treat or some kibble. It kind of makes them think "whaaaaaat?" like, "you eat my food?" and they will become uninterested in what you're eating. 

We did that with Bella when she went through a "FOOOOOOD!!!" faze like NIgel is in. She would lick our legs until we got so fed up we'd give in and give her a piece. So we started to feed her her own food so she'd stop and go away. This sounds mean, but it's a total corgi excitement killer. Hahaha but I hope it works well like it did for our puppy days! 


You could try a spray bottle.  Don't ever give him anything you're eating though, or he'll assume everything will be up for grabs!

My neighbors dealt with this problem by teaching their dog to beg in a more socially acceptable way. Their dog will rest her head on your leg as you eat. It's annoying but better than barking.

I like Madeline's idea best though. It's tricky and that just might work for a corgi. ^_^

lol my Gwen's got  the sitting pretty (begging) down pat. The square bunny butt certainly doesn't hurt ;)

She gets fed her dinner the same time we sit down to eat. She scarfs that then positions herself near mommy (me) and up she goes. I admit to not helping but the only thing she'll get is a vegatable like a carrot or a couple pieces of watermelon or a couple cookies (dog treats). Invariably she'll be finished before we are and then she gets told I've got nothing for you but love. Sometimes will try my daughter or husband. Then she figures it out and either finds a toy, her favourite cat to torment (it's a mutual thing) or just lay down.

Kat...that picture is totally adorable!  Looks like she is praying for food.

I wouldn't do the time out in the bathroom...I'm not a big fan of locking them away because they are not conforming to the behavior that I want.  It doesn't teach them anything.  We just use a strong NO, push them away with a knee or foot to make them backup and we NEVER feed them from out plates while we are eating. It may take some time and patience.  Ours will keep a respectful distance tho they lay there and watch every forkful we put in our mouth but at least they are not actively begging. They rarely get people food but at times I will allow them meat the fat from a steak or pork chop but only after we are done eating and I am cleaning up the kitchen.

It takes a lot on your part to learn how to not be swayed by those soulful brown eyes and cute antics.  It takes years of practice.


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