Keahi has been vomitting bile (foamy yellow fluid) at the same time every morning (around 7:30am) for the last few days. He's fine otherwise. Before we take him to the vet, I did a little web research and it looks like it can be one of three things:

1) Tapeworms
2) Bilious vomiting syndrome (BVS)
3) Inflammatory bowel disease (gastric reflux)

Has anyone dealt with these symptoms before? It sounds like BVS is fairly common and can be prevented by giving him a late night snack, but the weird thing is that we didn't change his eating schedule or diet - yet he started vomitting in the morning. Could it be something more serious? Any thoughts/recommendations? Thanks!

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Oh my! Poor Keahi! I've never dealt with any of those. Please keep us posted on what the vet says!
My puppy does this sometimes when she goes for more than 10 hours without food. Since the way that they diagnose BVS is through elimination, you can do it at home just as easy. Quick cheap test, give her that late night snack and see if it doesn't stop. If it does, you've solved it, if it doesn't, vet trip.
I've heard some other people on the site say that their dog does this too.
Mikko did this for a few days too - I think it happened because we had given him treats close to bedtime and he didn't have a drink of water afterwards. He had time/opportunity, he just wouldn't drink. Then we'd find the foamy/yellowy bile in the crate in the morning... Probably was some kind of gastric reflux response, because I think it's important for them to have water with treats. So we stopped giving him treats closer to bedtime, and no more bile, whew! I hope that helps, and really hope it isn't anything serious with Kaehi! Good luck!
Caveat- I'm not a vet.

Sometimes it just means they need a little something to eat.

Trunks used to do this. How often do you feed him? Trunks will vomit up bile when his stomach is empty. We try to feed him twice daily. Have you introduced something that may make him nervous?

I hope you can figure it out. It's difficult to deal with this everyday. If you think it is something more serious, take him to the vet.
This is one of the reasons that many vets are now recommending that one stay with a 2x/day feeding schedule even after the dog is an adult. Try splitting Keahi's food ration between two feedings each day and I'll bet you'll see a marked improvement.
Gosh, my Maisy did that but only when I give her "Bill Jack Liver Treats". She's okay with other kinds, those are the only ones that make her sick.

I so sorry that Keahi is sick, I home you get a diagnosis soon and that he feels better soon too!
hi all, thanks for your concern and suggestions!! to clarify, they are already on a 2-times-a-day feeding schedule (8am and 7pm) and there is nothing new that should make him nervous or stressed (i think. maybe the christmas tree?). however, last night, i tried giving him half a milk bone right as i crated him and he was fine this morning :) hopefully that does the trick.
Could he be drinking the water out of the Christmas tree stand? Is there preservative in the water?

Hopefully Keahi feels better soon!
I agree...Butter is fed twice a day but given a snack faithfully at bedtime. He vomited bile once, i phoned the vet who said dogs do this on an empty stomach. I give him about 1/4 of a cup of his kibble (something starchy that can absorb in his stomach as opposed to something hard to digest). We have never had another problem. Last night he was in a deep sleep but I woke him and fed him rather than face vomit in the morning. It really works. Good luck! Joy and Butter
Add us to the "no empty tummies" list. We still feed our dogs twice a day, even though the youngest is three years old.

Tucker, our lab, vomits bile if he doesn't eat frequently enough. For some reason, he's just very sensitive to an empty tummy, so we feed roughly every 12 hours, problem solved. Every once in awhile, one of the others will do it, but only if we're out (or I'm sleeping in, as I've been doing lately because I'm sick) and it's been abnormally long between meals.
Isn't it funny? We talk about what piggies our corgies are, but there's also threads like this about how they can't run on empty either!


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