My 10 month old corgi has gone through more than 15 dog beds. She eats every one...tears it to shreds. We tried giving her a fluffy bathrug to sleep on instead with no pillow fill, she at that too. And towells are no different. What do we try now? I hate making her sleep on the bare floor with nothing, but I'm getting tired of the expense and the clean up. She is not neglected and gets lots of attention and playtime. What gives???

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Lucy' s favorite activity is disemboweling...anything that, well, can be disemboweled. Her beds, her toys. I have used cheap towels (from Goodwill). Fortunately she tears and rips and flings about, but as far as I can tell she does not actually eat. She is 7 months and on her 3rd bed. I'm hoping she outgrows it.

I also have hardwood floors. When Lucy is desperate, I have seen her scraping the floor with her teeth! I've definitely learned to keep her supplied with rawhide...


Ginger does that too to any little crack she can find on our hardwoods.  One day when I wasn't watching her real close she actually managed to pull up a good size spinter from one of the boards.  Even with nylabones and rawhides around she still does it.  These dogs are crazy!


My friend's Frenchie used to destroy every bed she had. I gave her a Kong bed that I bought for Franklin and he never used. She still hasn't destroyed that one. I think its made a little more durable than your average dog bed, not saying its indestructible, but just a little harder to destroy.....may last 2 nights instead of one lol

Ginger loves to chew up beds, or anything else that's soft and she can get her little mouth around.  We finally quit putting anything in her kennel with her except her water bowl and a nylabone.  She really doesn't seem to mind sleeping on the hard tray.

I've got a new one!  I came downstairs this morning and saw most of the guts of Logan's bed in his pen.  I put him outside and went to throw out his already sewn together (Frankenstein-style) bed.  I was shocked to see that it hadn't chewed it at all but completely UNZIPPED!  I stuffed the guts back in zipped it up.  When I called my hubby he said that he had found it unzipped another time and that Logan must be brighter than we suspected.  

Corgi's are very smart.

If I do not screw the treat ball tightly closed, P.D. will get it unscrewed!


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