can i get my dogs to be more social around other dogs, i taught them to ignore dogs on walks and pahy attention to me but now they just ignore them in general, that is unless the other dog takes off running, then it is a fun game for my pups. but trevor is so submissive to other dogs and just sits down if they try to smell him or he will just completely roll over and not make eye contact and cower....abby just pertends it isnt even there... now if the dog takes off running in the opposite direction it is my puppies new bff and they will chase it there a way to have my dogs be more social when i go to a park or anything?

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Ah, you have found the downside of training first and socializing second. Easy problem to run into. :-)

It is true that, when under owner control, a dog should ignore another dog on command. However, you see now that maybe your dogs haven't had the chance to fully develop their social skills with strange dogs. Not allowing himself to be sniffed of course is a problem, as you mentioned. I went to the opposite extreme and have the opposite problem; I had heard that Corgi males tend to be dog-aggressive with other males, so I went out of my way to introduce Jack to as many dogs as possible. Now it is very difficult for me to get him to ignore another dog who shows interest in him. If the other dog ignores him, he's ok, but if the other dog looks like it wants to say hi, I have a tough time.

The best time to start socializing a dog with other dogs is before it's 16 weeks old. However it may not be too late. What I would recommend is to find someone who has a calm, confident, fairly submissive (or at least happy-go-lucky) dog, preferably of the opposite sex, who is willing to work with you. This will require you to work with your dogs one-on-one and not as a pair.

I would start out walking with the other dog and not letting them approach each other. After a few walks, try just hanging out and pretending you are more or less ignoring the dogs (but in reality keep an eye out for any signs of unwanted behavior). Let the dogs approach each other on their own terms, and if your dog starts to sniff the other dog, tell him or her how good she/he is. Keep the praise calm and quiet.

It may take a long time. There is a pug near us who was adopted as a young adult and was never socialized with dogs. Off and on for two years Jack has been trying to let her approach him. Finally she has reached a point where she will try to sniff him if he is walking away. She will start to get close, then get afraid at the last instant and run behind her owner.
well i tried socializing my pups, there were 3 dogs in my neighborhood, i got my pups when they were 14 weeks and 16 weeks...they werent very healthy at first, they had worms and kennel cough and an ear infection, but they happuily played with eachother and the two others they were with, and after i got them healthy i introduced them to my other corgi who they tried herding around the house, and i introduced them to a high energy portogese water dog who is there best play friend, and an old golden retriever who just ignored them but there was a chesepeke retriever who constantly jumped on them and frightened them who they didnt like so i did not take them back there, and a wheaton who they liked aswell.

When i introduce them to dogs they go up and say hi and sniff them, but they wont let the other dog sniff them. at a dog park they are the quiet shy ones at first but eventually calm down but never really interact with the other dogs especially if the other dog is all up in there face. i really just dont like going into petsmart and a dog comes up to say hi and they roll over and look unhappy.

i knew socializing is a big part of training and tried to make it a a top priority but it didnt work to well
Oh, and I realize that circumstance sometimes interferes with our best intentions. We live near a big park so it was not much effort at all to introduce Jack to tons of dogs; others are not so lucky. Moreover we got him from a breeder who had other adults besides their mom, so he was already somewhat dog socialized when we got him.

If you are having trouble finding a willing person with an appropriate dog to partner up with, you might try a trainer or signing up for a training class and arranging to get their a few minutes early, or stay late, and socialize. However I don't know what your financial situation is, and that could add up in a hurry. Or you can try striking up conversations with the people you meet at PetSmart and see if someone would be willing to hang around the store for awhile and give your dogs a longer chance to walk together and meet. But then of course you need to be careful of your own safety; I like to think the people I see at the pet store with their dogs are safe, but you just never know.


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