Im very concerned. Queenie wont eat her food. She stands in front of the bowl, and guards it while Chico eats his own food, but wont eat hers. She growls and barks at Chico if he comes near , and she wont eat her own food even if I put him outside. I dont know what to do. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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Is this something new she has just recently started?? If so I would keep an eye on her, she may not be feeling well so she does not want to eat but does not want Chico to have it either. I had a female corgi that did this same thing and ended up having some intestinal issues going on.
It been about 4 or 5 days since she started doing this. I thought it might be because I bought a different flavor food. I usually feed beef or chicken. But changed to lamb for variety. Since she wouldn't eat it I went ahead and bought the beef flavor. But she still won't eat the full bowl. I'm giving her till the end of the week. If she doesn't eat her normal amount I'm going to take her to the vet.
Sounds like she just may not be feeling well. Will she allow you to take her temperature to see if she has a fever?? I know when my female went off her food and guarded it, she had some terrible stomach sounds (sounded like she had a cat in her stomach). I would have said the change in feed but if you switched her back to her normal food and she is still not eating I would not think that is the problem unless the new food caused her stomach to be upset, did she eat any of the new lamb food at all before this started?? Do you give them any treats, if so will she eat her treats or is she completely off of everything?? Is she acting normal other than her feeding behavior? I hope she starts eating soon but I agree that if she is not eating better by the end of the week a vet visit is a good idea, how old is Queenie? Good Luck, hate to hear of any Corgi feeling down.
Well its been a week and a few days since this all started.I gave her the medication the vet prescribed. She's acting totally normal as far as playing and guarding her yard. She's eating her normal treats, just wont eat her kibble. Yes, she was eating the lamb flavor for about 2 to 3 wks. I wondering if i should change her food. She has been eating the same food her whole life. I feed Nutro
I decided to take Queenie to the vet on Wednesday. When I came home from work to take her I noticed she started her heat (I know she needs to be spayed, I feel guilty) I'm not sure if shes just not feeling good because of the heat.. The vet gave her a shot of Cerenia for her stomach and some pills to take home called Metronidazole. That night I tried to feed her her regular kibble and she wouldnt eat. By the weekend she was acting like she was feeling better but still wont eat her kibble, so I boiled some chicken breast and brown rice, of course she lapped that up. I fed her that for 3 days. now she has taken her last dose of meds, and still wont eat her kibble. She's acting fine as far as playtime, and guarding her yard, barking and happy to see everyone who visits. I still don"t know why she wont eat her regular kibble... Is she bored with her old food?
Hi Queenie, what else is she getting throughout the day besides her kibble?

hello Sam :-)

 Queenie gets 3 to 5 treats a day. Do you think thats to many treats to give in one day? I usually give small milkbones or small heart shaped treats from the petco treat bar.


Rosie did this about a year ago. Rosie, the food inhaler, was on a diet food. She was on her second bag of it and suddenly refused her food but seemed to feel fine. She too guarded it from her brother. I was going to tough her out and wait for her to eat. I went out of town and left the hubby to care for the dogs. He was OK with her not eating for a couple of days but then called and said he was on his way to town to buy some crapo brand of dog food. I steered him to a better food. He got it and brought it home. She scarfed it down. I really think something was wrong with the food and she knew it and wouldn't eat it. She had never refused to eat and never has since then. Could be that Queenie doesn't like something about the food and this is the only way she can tell you. Dogs don't get bored with their food in spite of what we think. I'd get rid of the bag you are feeding and try a fresh bag. Be sure to check the date. The date on Rosie's bag was way old and I hadn't looked at it when I bought it. I check dates now on the bags.


Oh yes, get her spayed!!

Queenie has always guarded her food from Chico. I usually have to feed Chico outside. She eats her normal treats, but not her food. I checked the dates on the bag and they havent expired. Chico is eating the same food, and he has no problems with it, but then Chico likes to eat anything. 

 I am making an appointment for Queenie to be spayed after the 4th.


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