So I have a new puppy who's about 9 weeks old now...and all she wants to do is bite my hands, arms, toes, ankles etc! I tell her NO firmly and this doesn't phase her! I know she is just a baby but I need to break her of this habit. Any suggestions/tips would be very appreciated :)

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Get a bottle of bitter apple spray and put it on your hands. It should work pretty well, as long as shes not one of those dogs that loves bitter apple spray! You can get it at any pet store, and dont forget to wash your hands before you eat! I made that mistake once, haha :) You can also try the butter trick, just freeze a stick of butter. Once its good and solid, peel off the end of the wrapper and rub the butter on the top of your hand, let your puppy approach you, and she should lick the butter (they love it!) When she licks your hand, reward her with a small treat or a piece of kibble. This should teach her that hands are for licking, no biting. If she gets too out of hand while playing, i would put her in her crate for a minute or two, or until she calms down, then let her out again.

Buddy (my corgi) didn't really start to understand "NO" until he was about 5 months old, but keep at it and good luck!
Lol. I just posted about a bite today too. =)

When my pup was that little I would just make it clear that I was not playing. I would make sure to stop him from biting me, get his attention and say "No biting!" He would usually stop or at most likely just start licking. If he started licking, I would say, "Good boy! Give kissies!" If he is every getting rough in play now and starts biting (not hard, but playfully) I can always stop it with "No biting! Give kissies!" And then licks just keep coming. It worked pretty well. It just takes awhile. I always liked the idea that if your dog is behaving badly, you should provide him another, more preferable way to behave.

I agree, it definitely takes a while for the word "no" to kick in. Puppy time outs are also good too. Just make sure whatever you do, it's consistent.
My dog is almost eight months old and he still needs to be reminded not to bite hands. He's learned not to bite me or my parents, but whenever someone new comes into the house he just gets so excited and nips at them. He's slowly getting better, though. Just keep at it!
AFTER You Get Your Puppy - Chapter Five - Bite Inhibition (Page 79)

Exercises on how to train your puppy to use their teeth appropriately and gently.
When Murray was s baby he was the worst biter I have ever had. He didn't just bite, he would sink his little puppy teeth into me and hang on! He was a winter puppy and it was really cold and we live in an apartment so it was hard to give him enough exercise. I tried everything, but once he got started, he wouldn't quit. The only thing that would stop it was to put him in his crate for awhile to cool off. It's a good thing he was so cute most the time or I might have had to kill him....The more exercise he got, the less he bit, but Corgi puppies are so active. He did outgrow it...except I haven't been able to break him of grabbing at my hand when he gets excited in agility. He does do it less if I wear him out a bit before we go to agility class. He's still a work in progress.....
Radar when he was 8 weeks to around 8 mths, he was very mouthy. I did the bitter apple spray and didn't phase him. Kept telling him no. He also didn't like to be held alot either. Finally he grew out of it and now is a lap dog.
Our puppy kindergarten class suggested that in addition to a loud, "NO", you turn away and ignore the dog for a few seconds. This will be especially effective if she's nipping you for attention.

On the other hand, she may simply be mouthy. Does she have chew toys and rawhides that she can gnaw on when she's in the mood to chew? If you can distract her with a rope toy game (dogs love 'tug'!) it'll give her a chance to enjoy sinking her teeth into something that's not you. :)


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