Well, I finally broke down and bought some nail caps for Molly. She has two nails (one on each front paws) that are really short. She licks them occassionally after a walk. i can't take it anymore. Just looking at it hurts me.

Has anyone else used these?

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what are nail caps?
They are plastic caps you put on their nails. Molly has two very, very short nails and I thought these would help. They were awful. They did their job..they allowed the nails to grow under the cap. HOWEVER she managed to get them off within a week. It wasn't worth the trouble I went through getting them on her. I now have 40 nail caps that I will never use.
Thanks for sharing your experience. Gibson has the same problem..they've even bled a few times after long walks :( I thought about getting him some but I thought they may be more trouble then they're worth... Its nice to hear they worked somewhat but I can just picture how difficult it must be to get them on!
this link should answer any questions: http://softclaws.net/
aw.. :( winstons nails grow pretty fast, they actually need cut right now but luckily he doesn't have that problem. i wonder if there is a surgical procedure you can get to have the nail removed completely? kinda like how cats are declawed? i guess sometimes in a situation like this i would be necessary....who knows


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