I am trying to think of a name for our soon-coming puppy. It will be a boy and the color is tri-color. We want it to be kind of unique also, if you can help us think of a name that could be great! thanx :)

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We thought of things we liked too.  Okay, not really.  I let my husband name our pembroke because I was trying to get him to feel more like he was a part of the process - he was slow to warm up to getting a dog.  He name her Leia after the star wars princess on our way home from the breeder.  "Okay, I like it," I said, I was really thinking, Oh, good, that means we have to get another one so we can have a Luke for Leia! A few years later (last month!) we finally got him! Go with your gut!  Let us know what you decide :)

I have not seen this name......TURBO.  Dino thought of it

Our future puppy name list so far is:  jupiter, rufus, rory, mochi, pocky, axel, link, zelda

I suggest Boomer.

We are thinking of big, strong,and charming like.     D`Artagnan,

Think of some of your favorite movie/book characters. It is always so much fun to tell people why you named them what you did.

We named our tri boy ''Indiana Bones.'' We call him 'Indy.' In "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,'' it is revealed that he took his name from his favorite dog as a child. We are huge fans. Anytime I call him, I think of the Marianne in the first movie screaming ''Indy!!!'' as she did so often.  

I always get females, but if I ever got a male I like Rider or Ryder  as in Low Rider.  \

How about Foster, Macon, or Cyrus?

I had a list of names for my dog. Then after spending 2 days with my puppy I ended up picking out a name that wasn't even on the list :D


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