Paisley has been doing great, and is now a year and a half old but we have been having one little problem. I really wanted some opinions about flea and tick treatments. Paisley was on Frontline for the first year of her life, but for the past couple of treatments she threw up several hours after I put it on her. Last time she actually threw up multiple times. I talked to my vet about it, and the other option he recommends (and that they have in stock at the office) is bad for cats. Considering Paisley's best friend is her kitten George, that doesn't really work for us.  I was wondering if you all could share some other options, as I really hate to not treat her at all, but at the same time, I feel like I am poisoning her.

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Hi Meredith, talk to your vet about comfortis.
I've heard good things about Comfortis as well but I've never used it myself. I believe it is a bit more expensive though.
Comfortis is great, I've used it on two of my dogs. Only downside is it is a flea only treatment so I can only use it in the winter when the tick population is low. I gave my dog one comfortis and literally one hour later found a dead flea in her bed. That stuff works. I even gave it to my dogs and cats (its not approved for cats yet but sometimes vets will prescribe for them) when Frontline AND Advantage didn't do the job and it got rid of the fleas quickly. It is not more expensive than the others (at least not where I am from) and its actually cheaper than Frontline at my vet.

Also, where did you buy your Frontline? Was it from an actual vet or certified online pharmacy? Because if not, if you got it from Amazon or Costco or some random place online, they aren't legally giving you the right product and you may not actually be giving Frontline at all but a cast off throw away box that a shady source got ahold of it and is selling it illegally. It is ONLY legally sold at a vet (Petsmart is legal because they have Banfield) but NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT legal at Costco or any other store or online location that is not a certified pharmacy. If you bought it from your vet Merial may be willing to give you a refund of the product.
We use comfortis. It works great! The only thing about it is stinks!! And both Soffie and Griffyn will not eat it if I put it in with their food. The both literally eat around it! So I have to cut each tablet up into 4 pieces and stick it into pieces of turkey hot dog. It's the only way I've been able to sneak it by them! LOL!!! And be sure to give it on a full tummy! Also, unless you are having a real problem with fleas you can probably get away with giving it every other month. That helps with the cost.
Well, online on DrsFosterSmith Comfortis is $78.99 for 6/pack, and Frontline Plus is $69.99 for 6/pack (and cheaper still if you buy 12/pack). So not a huge difference, but still slightly more expensive. If your dog is having bad reactions to the Frontline though I think it would be worth the extra money obviously. I couldn't find it cheaper than that from any place I would actually trust online.
We use Comfortis too and it really does work. I actually have not given them a dose since July and we are still flea-free. Like Judi said, my pups don't like the taste, so I also have to cut it up and hide it.

I was leery of Comfortis, but after many failed attempts using Advantage, Frontline (the worst IMO) and K-9 Advantix, I'm glad I finally opted for Comfortis.

Based on Pasiley's reaction, I wonder if you got a bad or outdated batch, or like Melissa suggested, maybe it's not really Frontline at all. Throwing up is a common reaction to OTC stuff like Hartz topical flea treatment.

Where we live, the cost of Comfortis is about the same as for the other prescription flea treatments.
Thank you everyone for your replies! I will definitely have to look into Comfortis. It is just a flea treatment, right? I do worry about ticks as well, living in Maryland and Paisley loving to go exploring in fields in woods, but we always check for ticks right after said outings. She has also had the Lyme vaccine. Is K9 Advantix bad for cats as well?

As for the Frontline we were using, it was bought directly from my vet, and luckily, since it makes her sick, my vet's office will buy back the rest of the pack. I was also concerned about the particular batch of Frontline I was using, so I bought a different pack of it to try it out as well. Unfortunately it all makes her sick. I do think it is weird though that it didn't make her sick when she was younger... weird puppy.
Hi Meredith,

Comfortis is a month long flea treatment, if you don't have a heavy infestation or have overcome one, you can use something like Capstar for a quick kill. We only use Comfortis as our last resort.

K9 Advantix is bad news for cats.
We have Ginger on Comfortis and I absolutely love it! It's oral, and if I hide the pill in some peanut butter she eats it right up. Now the vet did say that sometimes it can make the dog vomit, and if they do so within an hour of dosing that you have to redose, but she hasn't had any problems. We have our older dog on FirstShield Trio I believe. That seems to work well for her.
Comfortis is honestly one of the best options. The only (not even really bad) things I can say about Comfortis is be aware of some of the side effects, and try and find something to switch it up with every couple of months, as the chances of side effects are increased with continual use. It can also cause problems with your dog's liver if used continually, so honestly alternating Comfortis with something else would be my recommendation. :)


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