Anyone out there with a dog from Tim Mathesion of Nebriowa Kennels?  I have a new pup from him and was interested to see in anyone lived near Scout and I

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Hi Anna, I just wrote to June to see how you and your new baby Scout are doing & if she had any photos. I was the one who recommended Tim Matheisen and Nebriowa Corgis to her. I have a Nebriowa princess, haha. Lucy is the love of our life. Check out the photos of her. I just posted a few more because I saw a corgi that looked so much like Lucy that I wondered if he was a Nebriowa, too. Tim is just amazing, isn't he. My husband and I are grateful to him every day. Enjoy your Valentine's Day with your new sweetheart!
Luct, do you have contact info for Nebriowa ? My male has Nebriowa in pedigree and my study has led me to ADORE this part of his pedigree.... Would love to establish contact with Tim:)
Dear Shelly, I have the contact info for Tim of Nebriowa corgis. email me at and I'll be happy to pass it along

This guy looks like our Al (though not as shamelessly manipulative).  Nebriowa Double Exposure is his maternal AND paternal great-granddaddy, and there's another Nebriowa back in there too.  They must be doing something right.  I just figured all this out.

I have so much trouble reading these pedigrees, but it looks like Ch. Nebriowa Double Stitch was bred to her to her father Ch. Nebriowa Front and Center.

Ch. Nebriowa Double Exposure is the son of Ch. Nebriowa Double Stitch, who is the great grandfather of our red and white, Lucy. Ch. Nebriowa Double Exposure was bred to Nebriowa Blossom Dearie, which broduced Lucy grand sire, Ch Nebriowa Triple play. It gets very confusing for me, but the lovely bottom line is that Al, Newman and Lucy are all related. Sleepovers and play dates!

haha. and you figured it all out on valentine's day.

There are many Corgis out of Nebriowa Double Exposure including Gromit, I believe, and Lucy. The real stud was Belroyd Nutcracker. There's almost no pedigree around that doesn't have this guy on it at least once, or multiple times. This Corgi earned his name.

Hi Shelley, I'm assuming that the Luct was meant to be Lucy, am I right? Lucy is my Nebriowa red and white female pem from Tim Mathiesen, Nebriowa Corgi. She's the love of our life. You can contact Tim at
(707) 794-0278. His kennel is in Cotati, CA, about an hour from Oakland.
Hi Chris, Lucky you. We had to fly from LA to Oakland & rent a car to get our Nebriowa girl. Lucy had a long first day getting back to our house. How did you find Tim? Is Wilbur your first Corgi? I'm going to go look at your profile. Hope you posted some puppy pix!
hahaha! I didn't even think to ask if he was your first dog. Anyhow, everything is relative. Your trip from Oakland back to SF must have been pretty hairy (no pun) for a first time owner. We lucked out when we arrived at Oakland airport so early, they took pity on us and put us on any earlier flt back to LA. It was a tossup who was more nervous, lucy or us. But we're corgi veterans, so it wasn't too awful. I'm lying. We were crazy, but a bloody mary helped. Our first flight picking up a corgi was over 20 yrs. ago and we met Martina Navratilova flying with her pet. She was a wreck just like us (and a very nice person!) So how are you adjusting with Wilbur? You couldn't have picked a better breed; and breeders don't come much better than Tim. Keep us posted on Wilbur. He just may be a relative of Lucy's. How many puppies did Tim have when you got Wilbur? Were they all red and white?
hi Chris,
Wilbur Is adorable!! Is his birthday 10/12? Tim had 2 litters close together and I hope that Scout and Wilbur are brothers. Scout and I also had a busy first day. a flight from Santa Rosa to LAX and then a 90 min ride home. Scout is my second corgi. He is Mr. Independent hence his name. His registered name is Nebriowa's Coastland explorer. enjoy Wilbur
Hi Bunny, I read your comment about getting Scout home. It brought back memories of flying from LAX to Oakland, renting a car and driving over an hour to meet and greet Lucy's litter mates and 2 other litters! We had the choice of those that weren't already specifically spoken for. What an emotional thing that was...trying to choose our baby from so many. Then separating Lucy from all these puppies and having to drive her, whimpering to the airport, and all the steps to get her home. Sounds like you had a very similar experience! Oy Vey (as Lucy's grandma would say! Lucy's a little Jewish princess). How are things going with Scout? I'm sure that transitioning from a beloved older Corgi to a puppy is a challenge at times, but well worth it. Puppies help us heal spiritually. One day when we both have time we should compare ancestors and see if Scout and Lucy are related. Even if they're not genetically, they always have the Nebriowa connection. It's so funny, I knew of Tim and his kennel, but forever in my head mispronounced it! Nebraska/Iowa. Who knew?


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