Our corgi has now been attacked multiple times by large dogs who disregard their hidden electric fence and charge down the street at us while we are on our daily walks. Last night was the worst its ever been. The first dog pinned down Rigby while the second dog clamped down on Rigby's rump. My husband tried to fight off these dogs and thankfully a witness came running from across the street to help.

I've spoken with the owner of these dogs multiple times now, and she keeps using the "battery must not be working" excuse. She apologized and offered to pay any vet bills, but I'm still very upset. Rigby is now nervous around large dogs.

Should I report this to our local authorities?

How can I help Rigby overcome his anxiety of large dogs?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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I'm glad it went to the police.  They didn't use to be so responsive but times have changed.  I can understand you wanting to have her arrested but hopefully a visit by a marked police car will wake her up.  Especially if the cops lets her know that a warrant for her arrest can be issued.  And I would do it if the dogs are out again.

Very happy to hear that Rigby is still excited about going for a walk and good to stay away from that area.  Have you considered the suggestion I made about carrying some kind of a spray that would be an irritant if necessary?

I am so sorry you are going through this.  Hope Rigby is better soon.  I read so many of these stories about dogs getting attacked it makes me very leary to talk our corgi on a walk.  In fact in our neighborhood I avoid streets where I know people have these invisible fences.   So sad, I am leary about walking in my own neighborhood. I also have a neighbor across the street that recently just started letting their dog off leash out front..and they dont have an invisible fence at all.  I don't care how friendly an owner claims their dog to be but when your out and about I tend to be very cautious.  Just the other day I had a lady with a dog on a retractable leash that she let almost go up to Tucker as we were walking by and I just told him to keep walking..one never knows.  :(


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