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I'm new here, so I apologize if this question has been asked. I saw one similar, but it didn't quite answer my question...

Anyway, here's the story: I've been obsessing over getting another corgi for probably more than a year now, and since the company that owns our apartment has recently decided to allow their tenants to have pets, my husband has agreed to let me get one.

I did own a corgi mix in the past, but I didn't want to go into getting a purebred puppy without doing my research, so I've been reading everything I can about corgis and caring for them for ages (before we were even allowed to have a pet, actually), and I've begun contacting breeders.

Now here's my problem: very few, it seems, will even respond to my emails. :(

I've read about all the questions you're supposed to ask breeders, but I'm not sure what to say in the initial email.I didn't want to load it down with all my questions right off the bat, so I only asked a few things. Maybe I should have asked more?

At first it might have been because I inquired about their price in the first email (didn't realize that's apparently frowned upon- I just wanted to know how much I'll need to set aside ^_^') but I stopped including that question, and even still, no responses.

Is it because I'm emailing instead of calling on the phone?

Any advice on what I should say in my initial inquiry?

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Well, this has been informative and helpful. :)

The puppy fund is a good idea; I can probably set aside a good chunk from the savings, and just add to it every week.

And good to know about the waiting lists; I was sort of worried about what being on a waiting list entailed.

I think I have a better idea of what to say, now, and I'll also try calling. Meanwhile, I need to write down who I've contacted, because I can't find my emails and now I don't know who I've already talked to...

But that's good to know, Akbar; I wasn't sure if a very informative first email would be bothersome, or something.

After what everybody has said, it does seem probable that mine were too vague, even if that isn't why some didn't respond.

Thanks everyone! :)

Sounds like a great plan! 

BTW - If you do go the puppy fund route, I found a site called SmartyPig.com extremely helpful. I've used it to save up for a few specific things over the past couple of years, and found it easy to use. (I don't work for them or anything, I'm just a fan of their system. :)

Let us know how it all turns out!

Oo, that does look helpful, I'll have to try it out. Thank you! :) And I will!

Okay! So I decided to try sending out a few more emails -five actually- and this time more informative ones, with the intention of calling if I don't get a response. (Embarrassing to admit, but I'm sort of phone-phobic...)

So far I've gotten two responses, one who said all her puppies are spoken for but she would let me know if something changes, and one who answered all my questions and sent me an application, which I promptly returned, and now she has invited us to come meet her.
I don't know what day yet, I have to talk to Marco when he gets home, but now I'm nervous! Haha... Particularly because I'm a bit awkward, and tend to freeze up on the spot, so being interviewed isn't my favorite thing.

I know everybody will be different, but any ideas on how I can prepare myself to meet the breeder?

Remember YOU are interviewing the breeder too.

I can be pretty tongue-tied when meeting people for the first time, but when we were visiting breeders, the dogs became our point of connection. They are natural ice-breakers! I'm sure this breeder will show you her dog(s). Just relax and have fun, ask questions, be eager to learn.

One thing I did was bring a photo album that included pictures of my house and yard so she could see where the puppy would be living.  I also had pictures of my past dogs so she could see them as well.  I thought that she might not want to take the time to look thru the pictures, but I was wrong.  She looked thru and asked about my now deceased dogs and chatted about some of the pictures.

I also brought a letter from my vet as a reference.  Overkill?  Maybe, but I got my puppy and later she gave me our second Corgi - an adult that needed a new home.

Yay! Congrats on a reply!! You will be GREAT. :)

It may seem elementary, but remember to BREATHE. Here's a trick I use: If you feel your heart pounding, breath in on one count, and out on double the count (in on a 4 count, out on 8. Or in on 3, out on 6, whichever feels better for you.) It's physics - it helps slow the heart rate when you regulate your breathing, and is an old yoga trick. As for talking to the breeder, don't forget to smile!! Make eye-contact!!  Remember - they want to like you!  Go in with a list of questions of your own. And mostly - listen to what the breeder says and ask follow up questions. If you get someone talking about themselves, they will think you are the most brilliant conversationalist.  I promise.  :)

How fun!

Thanks, you guys. ^_^ I'll keep all these suggestions in mind!

I think my appointment may be February 2nd, if my friend and cousins in CT are free that day. (Figured I would visit them while I'm in the area.)

If all goes well and she likes us, and we like her (seems like a really nice lady so far), the puppies should be due in late Feb/early March, which would put us around June for a puppy if she has one for us. =)

My breeder told me that she does not answer E-mails of people wanting to adopt a puppy. ( I tried to contact her the first time with an E-mail.  I got no answer, so I called.)  She told me she wants to TALK to the person.  She can learn more about the real person that way. She gets lots of these E-mails from people looking for a puppy and she ignores them all.

I would CALL, then VISIT. 

Make sure you feel comfortable with your breeder. Ask them lots of questions.  You should BOTH be interviewing each other.

Good luck in your search.


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