Hello.  For those of you that have read Stitch's Story, you know we fought a year long battle with cancer and lost him a few months ago.  It has been too quiet in the house and we REALLY love having smiling, bouncing corgis underfoot.

We adopted a boy and are having the hardest time naming him...would LOVE suggestions!!!

We are also getting his Mom, Emma in a few weeks...

I think Corgis are like potato chips..can't have just one!  :)

Let the naming begin....

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Oh my gosh - can't help with the name, but what a cutie!  

He is just beyond adorable!!!!  I haven't named a puppy in years!  Our last 3 dogs have been rescues and we kept their names....Arnie (Arnold the pig and he ate like one), Max and Katie.  You don't have to settle on a name right away.  You have some ideas but see what he suggests. 

"Watson" sprung to my mind immediately. I don't know why. What a cutie.

Oliver/Ollie <3

I second this!

LOL. Having named my own 4-legged boy "Oliver" I was astonished to learn how many Corgwn share that name. And it's Scottish, not Welsh. ;^)


George, Frank, or Elton from Austen's "Emma."

Oh my gosh..thank you everyone...we have FINALLY decided on a name for him :)

He looks like a bear to us.

The breeder named him Teddy Bear, which fits him, but we wanted something kind of unique.  Jim found the Welsh word 'byr' meaning short.  We added and 'e' - so Jim can call him shorty  :)

"BYRE" - below in the pic titled 'Guilty Puppy"

wonderful choice, love naming my corgis welsh!!  i've done it twice now, only had 3 corgis so far.

Nice name, I like it! :)

(apparently a byre is a shed for cows, as well, and corgis are cow herders)

love his name =)


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