Our Corgi Walle who is going on 4 years old (December 2012) it terrified of thunder storms and getting worse. When he hears thunder, he starts to hyper-ventilate and pants incessantly and starts scratch either the floors or the walls I'm thinking to try and find shelter or get under something. We recently tried the Thunder Shirt and that did not seem to help. I don't like giving him the medications that the Vet prescribed as they make him more hyper. Our other Corgi Kallee is okay until she sees him react and then she gets scared.

Has anyone experienced similar issues with their Corgi(s) with storms and does anyone have any other suggestions we can try. We are afraid that if he is alone during a storm, he might end up hurting himself. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Dale 

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I'm sorry you are having troubles with Walle.  Our non-corgi girl, Amy, has similar issues.  I am sorry to say that she is helped by both the Thunder Shirt and tranquilizers during storms and fireworks.  Another thing we do though is put her in the laundry room with both the washer and dryer going.  It helps drown out any noise.  Good luck. 

My corgi mix Bruce used to react the exact same way, until he got very old and lost his hearing. We also live near a Marine Corps base and he'd get scared when they would do large-ordinance training (big loud shaky booms!). NOw he just does not hear the storms or booms anymore, which is a relief. We tried tranquiizers, which did not help. The best thing we did was to put him in a little travel crate and give him some Benadryl. He felt safer when he could "hide" and the Benadryl made him sleepy.

Casey is the same and we give him 1/2 a pink Benadryl also.
Perfect solution. Thunder shirt from the pet store or pheromone colar that calms them!

I'm sorry the thunder shirt isn't helping.  It's a crap shoot.  Some it does, some it doesn't.  Our boy Rainer goes nuts with storms or any other loud noises. He runs back and forth "boof"ing at everything.  You might try the Bach's Flower Remedy for Pets.  It's an all-natural calmant.  But some dogs just freak.  Best to find Wallee a quiet, dark spot with a blanket he can hide in/under.  Don't baby him. That will make it worse.  Good luck.  It's not fun for us or them.

I'm sorry, my 4 yr old Wryn just woofs at the thunder and at fireworks, sometimes if the nearby AF pilots are flying particularly loud and low she'll "woof" at them too (LOL).  When it's thunder and fw's I'll get her on the couch and she'll cuddle close with a towel pulled around her close...she'll immediately calm down.

What medication did the vet prescribe? There are several that can help with storm anxiety. You may even want to try a combination. Vet's generally used to prescribe Acepromazine, but it has been found to actually enhance fear of loud noises. Alprazolam has great success for anxiety resulting from loud noises. The vet I work at now used a lot of Alprazolam for the 4th of July. Kirby gets more hyper/anxious with Alprazolam but when I combine it with Acepromazine it helps a lot. On fourth of July I gave Franklin half of the recommended dose of Alprazolam/Acepromazine combination and he was so drugged he couldn't even walk without falling over. It was TERRIBLE but Kirby was hardly affected by the medication and the combo really worked to keep him mellow during the fireworks. Benadryl sometimes works, it hypes Franklin up and I too had zero luck with a thundershirt. I'd just tell your vet whatever he/she prescribed makes him worse, and they can give you something else to try.


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