My Corgi "Chewy" is now 1.5years old and I leave her at my backyard when my hubby and i go to work.  we don't come home until 9-10hrs later.  When we come home, she does fine, she plays, eats, happy, we take her for a walk in the park & etc... around 9:30 -10pm is when we lock her in her crate and lately, she's been banging on the crate all night trying to come out. She goes crazy even after we tell her "NO!" many times.  I don't know why she's behaving like this. Does anybody have similar experience?

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she's probably just lonely. she's home by herself all day and only gets to spend a couple hours with you after you get home. maybe you should try letting her sleep out of her crate, leave the door open so that she has the option of going in and out throughout the night. a 1.5 year old pup should have no issues with pottying in the house, but if you want you can put baby gates up so she's not wandering the house getting into shenanigans all night long. you also may want to be careful about leaving her outside all day, i'd worry about lonely barking/howling that could upset the neighbors. you could also try taking her to doggy daycares so that she gets all of her energy out and that way once it's bedtime she passes out.
I agree, at this age she should understand the rules of the house and be able to sleep outside her crate. When we first got Frosty, we would crate him at night and he would cry and bark all night long. Finally we let Frosty sleep on a doggy bed on the floor next to our bed and put up a baby gate so he couldn't get out of our bedroom. After a couple of months, we took the gate down. We all get a lot more sleep now.
also, telling her "no" many times is just reinforcing the behavior. she's doing it for attention, so if you don't give her any, she should stop. if she doesn't, try moving her crate into another room until she stops, then move her back.
She wants to be with you - simple - un-crate so she can spend time with you....
Or, and I'm no dog psychologist so I may be wrong - get her a friend. We had a corgi in the past who had some real neurotic behaviors that we didn't understand. I didn't even work all day every day, and she too got a walk and evening attention. When she was 3 we got a second dog and they almost completely disappeared. Looking back, I think she wanted more company than we were able to give her. She was away from her pack by day and then was put in a room to sleep by herself at night (she was a very restless sleeper and my husband couldn't take her being in our room at night) with not enough hours with us, or enough activity, to keep her content. One of the things I have read is that people assume that dogs left in yards are getting exercise, but frequently they just sleep. They need us to give them "work" to really get exercise. You might also try a doggy door into the back yard and leave her inside the house during the day sao she doesn't feel she's being shut away from her "den" during the day. I've considered getting some of the dog puzzles that the dog websites are advertising to give our dogs extra stimulation too.
Just being in the backyard all day is not the same as regular walks. Mine sleeps most of the day. I am home all day so i know what she does and if i have not walked her that day she is up all night, we have a bell hanging on the door so she can ring it to go out and if she hasnt had her walk that day she will ring the bell several times in the night and even though she does go pee when i take her out it is such a little bit that i know she could have held it:{ So try taking her for a walk or throw the ball and play catch for about 1/2 hour they need interaction.


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