My Pembroke Boo is a joy until she is either in trouble or at play with other dogs. When in trouble she will often bark back or snap. She is also very rough with our blind dog and other fogs at playtimes. I work with her time outs but it is not taking. She's 3 months old so I am trying to be patient and understanding with her age. Will she mellow out as she gets older or after her spay? I'm still new at this and any input would help :)

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Please describe the behavior in greater detail.  

Puppy play can LOOK horrific (all that imaginary blood spattered over the ceiling!).  Well-mannered adult dogs should give "puppy license".  But if she snaps/barks at YOU, I'd think that should not be allowed.  Do not allow puppy to initiate any tooth contact with you; give immediate, LOUD, high-pitched squeal anytime puppy's teeth touch you (you, OTOH, get to stick your fingers inside puppy's mouth anytime you want).

My understanding is that the time between the behavior and your response is critical -- the faster the feedback/consequence, the easier it is for puppy to connect behavior to its consequence.  The cause of a punishment will be forgotten within minutes, so long time-outs/punishments are pointless.  Reward good behavior.  Never use the crate as punishment (it should be puppy's safe refuge).

She doesn't really bite me she bites at me. I learned the loud yelp when there is teeth contact in class with my moms pup. When there is teeth contact and i yelp or say ow she licks apologetically. When I tell her no loudly when she gets into other mischief, she back sasses with a bark and will either bite her foot or grab a toy and kinda throw a fit kind of like a kid. Will puppy classed help this?

Hahaha my boy Tom used to do that back talk to me all the time at that age. I never had a dog who knew how to sass me back. He was doing exactly what your little pup is doing right now. Putting him through puppy classes and getting him fixed has cut down the sassiness but it will always be there at some level.

You just have to be consistent, and like John said about the playing rough, it seems to be a corgi thing to look like they are fighting to the death. My corgis are always biting each other's faces and it scares the living crap out of me, but I have come to understand that they are only playing. After watching your dogs for a while, you start to pick up when either one has stopped wanting to play and wants to draw blood instead. 

Stay consistent with training and she will start to understand that there are rules that need to be followed, dogs are smart, they will get it eventually.

Thank you :) I realize more and more each day that Boo and I are really learning from each other. Mom says I adopted a four legged version of
Oh the sassing! My dad has wirehair pointers which are stubborn, but Ein can outdo them with stubborn and sass. It does calm down, but not go away. Keep her exercised, get the mind working (tricks, etc) cause a tired corgi is a happy corgi.
Oh and her crate is definitely not used for punishment. When she gets too rough she's put in the hallway with the baby gate up immediately after the act for 5 minutes

Puppy classes will definitely help IMO, but she is still very young so I wouldn't worry too much yet. I'd keep a short leash on her and any time she gets too crazy playing with another dog, grab the leash and make her sit by you for 5 minutes. She will figure it out eventually if you are consistent. She will probably mellow out a bit as she gets older but I wouldn't ignore the behavior hoping it goes away with age.


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